Fans Outraged Over Old Diane Sawyer Interview With Britney Spears

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Fallout from the britney. Spears documentary keeps getting uglier. Justin timberlake was under fire but he is not the only one. Diane sawyer is feeling the heat as well documentary framing brittany featured. Some of diane's exclusive interview with the star from two thousand. Three and fans are outraged. They're saying. Dan owes an apology for grilling her about justin. And whether she's a bad role model for young girls. Here's a clip. He's going on television. Pretty much said you broke his heart. You did something that caused him so much pain so much suffering. What did you do. Britney spears has upset a lot of mothers in this country starting with the wife of the governor of maryland. Really if i had an opportunity to to shoot britney spears. I think i would. Oh that's that's really trying to test a lot of people was pretty wide goodness all right. So there's so much to this interview in fact like after that whole terrible quote from the governor that said i could shoot britney spears diane sawyer to that was something along the lines of well. You've really you know. Made it very hard for a lot of mothers. Wasn't that bad is governor's wife. That's who needs apologize her up unless she's not here or anything like that. But that's what needs to apologize. Get up off. Diane's she's a reporter. She was at a man's world back there. She had to be tough and nobody asked him barbara. Walters apologize but nothing. I'm just i'm done. She had to be tough. 'cause he was week we wouldn't even know her name. Right now feels different. So say you're part because i like when this talk all that i looked up the interview and listen. I'm going to say it's a reflection of the times. It's how we attacked women at that time. It just the things that diane was allowed to say to britney without even a second glance is absolutely appalling. It would never happen in two thousand twenty one. I don't believe she pulled out. Magazine articles Showing brittany and about how she was sexy. And all these things brittany said jaylo does it. Christina aguilera does it. Is it a big deal. Because will you have the connection with the. It's all making her feel guilty on top of that. This is another question. She asked this twenty one year old. She said but you said. I've only slept with one person in my whole life two years into my relationship with justin and yet he's left the impression that you weren't faithful that you betrayed the relationship she's enquiring. How many people britney has slept with questioning her on her virginity on on her sexual relations. That is insanely inappropriate. What she was grown twenty one twenty two. She was grown. She gets grown questions asked at the time she was sixteen. That i would say okay. You a little rough. But she's twenty one years old. You just talked to my nieces. That's what you've been doing your. Sat results long doesn't matter ranger national television. You're asking this young girl to to tell you. All of our sexual secrets and intimate affairs of a relationship overly scrutinized at that time anyways everything she did. This is cobbled reporter year to get the information. It is up to you to answer. Not her publicist should advisor this. You get out of the hard question

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