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Add clare kramer. Hello everybody guys. Hey thank you so much for meagre. Let's introduce everybody individually so the listeners know who's speaking at all times Starting with first time gassed. Adam brody is here. hello adam either. Thanks for having me with sner. This is me with the at once. Very low in also very high was very nasal spray nasal. I've always been a fad of your role in the mr mrs smith movie really. Yeah i wish. I could agree but anyways going like the whole movie but yeah i mean i i. I'm certain i wouldn't be surprised if the Issues with your i like. Why like the whole movie. Except for it but anyways go cut you off kelly more critical of yourself all the time or is this one special. I just want it's warranted. I'm not overly. I just think is any professional. Yeah that's a. That was a real missed opportunity for me. As far as i'm concerned i'll really you think you didn't tell getting hit in the face with the phone now it's just it. It's quite a big stage in a nice movie that plays on seven channels concurrently until the end of time and it was very loose in terms of like figuring out the scripts on the day and stuff so there was room to interject. If i had anything of note or value or humor mostly to add you know the floor was all mine. And i did and i wish i could have come up with something. You know some better suffer. Say that's all. Yeah i i get it. I i think you transcend what you're saying in the film i joy clinic very much Yeah i do enjoy the the entire movie. And but i brought it up just because did you see. They're you know making a new version of. I don't know yeah and i don't know what to think of that or i don't know i don't i mean clearly. Clearly they must have an idea there. You know there must be a real new take on it And i'm curious what that is. Yeah other than just. Maybe that looks like it'd be fun to do. You know i would expect. And maybe i'll be proven wrong. But i would expect with those two. And and you know hermit say subversive necessarily. But but i don't know the way they're kind of breaking molds. I would just suspect. There's a real fresh idea and it's not i. I would be disappointed if at the end of the day. They're just like we like those roles just kind of do it. Yeah yeah. I look i look forward to whatever it is and whenever it comes along because it might be a minute also joining us. Today is The writer director of adam brody's latest film. His latest starring role as the titular character in kid. Detective it's evan morgan. Hello ended. Hey how you doing man. i'm great. i'm great thanks for having me. Thanks for taking our out of your valentine's day to be here. We have a lot of the activities and things that you liked to do on this special day. I feel like at this point. I've been in a relationship for eight years. We have a child now every single year i. I get in trouble on valentine's day every single year. I think maybe like we've reached a place of no expectations. And and then. I get in trouble all over again and you know this this morning it really was just. I should have gotten up in cleaned some breakfast. And you know it's been were. We have a very young child two months. These just turned two months now and so. Yeah i really dropped the ball. I should have seen this coming on. Your your tradition is getting in trouble. So yeah yeah yeah well you know she would miss it if she didn't get to yell at you on the wonder may maybe next year we'll We'll experiment with that. And see i love to that you you managed to still get away for an hour to talk to us so i love. I love it i. It's truly one of my favorite things to do with my friends in again because a coveted we haven't done it in Over a year. So i'll be probably more competitive than i should be. Well i should say that I i'm happy to hear that because we've had a instituted a rule on the show that if a guest wins at the games you know if they prevail at the end of their invited to come back on the next show and we just started doing this a few months ago and clare. Kramer who is also here. Hi claire she has been bulldozing the competition. she's loud. This'll be her fifth Show in a row that correct off. Yes i think so. Yeah so the last week was a bit of a lucky episode. It swung in favour by knowing you doug and not necessarily knowing you know. I all the answers. Wait you play the player. Not the game. Not by choice. There's no count on it. So you can just go go on and on and on theoretically is no cap on and i have discussed it with some fans of the show on twitter and Turns out the. I would be fine with if it became a show where just every week people came on and tried to be claire. Well it was a when we this our second run though that now we have another long-run years back when back when the show

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