Buttigieg wins Senate confirmation as transportation secretary


Cabinet picks were confirmed by the U. S Senate today. Making history in the process. Former presidential candidate people booted Kage was confirmed to lead the Transportation Department on a bipartisan basis. 86 13 Making him the first openly gay person to be confirmed to a Cabinet post. The Senate also confirmed Alejandro Mayorkas to lead the Department of Homeland Security. He's the first Latino and the first immigrant American to do so. Thank you, Christina. Honest. Ed reports the historic confirmations of Alejandro Mayorkas, his homeland Security secretary, and Pete Buddha judges, Transportation secretary were acknowledged by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Mr May or Kisses, qualifications are unassailable. He's a seven year veteran of the DHS. Has already been confirmed by this chamber. 33 Times. Like most of President Biden's Cabinet nominees, his nomination is also history making. He will be the first Latino and first immigrant toe hold the top job at DHS. Mr Buddha Judge known to many simply is Mayor Pete has demonstrated impressive familiarity with our nation's entire transportation challenges. I know that Mr Buddha judges committed to working with members from both sides to improve rail and transit highways and more in rural communities, urban centers and everywhere in between. What a judge is the first openly gay Cabinet secretary. The Afghanistan War veteran Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar was also a mayor of Bend, Indiana, where he initiated a Smart streets program to make the downtown more pedestrian and bicyclist friendly while spurring hundreds of millions of dollars in economic investment. Washington Democrat Maria Cantwell expressed high hopes for the 39 year old transportation secretary. He's a young, energetic mayor who is going to help us usher in a new era of transportation. You will have to think about issues of ensuring safety with new autonomous vehicle technologies and under manned aircraft. He'll have to promote stronger emission standards for automobiles, aviation and maritime industries. I have to support the continued growth of electric vehicle in infrastructure. He'll have to make big investments and gain changing projects that will help us move freight more cost effectively through our nation Booted judge's nomination sailed through the Senate on a vote of 86 to 13. My orchestra child Cuban immigrant whose mother fled the Holocaust to Cuba was confirmed to lead the Department of Homeland Security with a much narrower near party line. Vote 56 to 43. Republicans blocked and later stalled the vote because of President Joe Biden's immigration policies and questionable actions My Orkest took during the Obama administration when he oversaw the investor visa program and Office of Inspector General Report criticized him for an appearance of favoritism and granting US residency. Of foreign investors from China who are backing a project of Hillary Clinton's brother. The investigation found he interfered and directed the approval of three projects backed by prominent Democrats, overruling staff recommendations. When he ran the immigration services Agency. Here's minority leader Republican Satur Mitch McConnell, miss from New Yorkers stood his best turn US citizenship. On immigration services into an unethical favor of factory or Democratic party royalty. Commoners. Diggins feature. Hollywood executives. Senate majority leader from Nevada. They all receive special treatment to a degree that stunned and disturb the Obama administration's own inspector general. Over at that department. We're talking about shoving through green cards as political favors. An intervening the overturned in aisles. But a handful of Republicans joined Democrats in approving my orcas anyways, noting the importance of having a leader at the DHS. During a tumultuous time in the wake of the Capitol siege last month that left six people dead in his defense. My orcas has said he made decisions to right wrongs and visa applications for both Republicans and Democrats. Under

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