Mario Draghi Is Asked to Form Government in Italy


We begin. Today in italy where mario draghi. The former chief of the european central bank has been invited by at least president cemetery to form a unity government following the collapse of the coalition talks among italy's political parties late last night in rome. The political tumult in italy was sparked by the resignation of his prime minister. Giuseppe comtesse last week and a little earlier today. A europe editor at large at stalker gave us this. Rundown of how events unfolded in rome after those coalition talks broke down yesterday evening now after that happened the president mattino della addressed tv cameras and said basically. There were two options. One would be go to early elections. That would be two years early. Because i not scheduled till twenty twenty three or he could cool together at this technocrat government. Basically an institutional government made up of known politicians. Now the reason. He said he's going to do. This is because italy is really into difficult situation. There's a health crisis and economic crisis financial crisis he. He basically listed a host of reasons. Why it would be a bad decision to call early. Elections the fact that the government wouldn't be executing its food functions during campaigning. The fact that everyone would be out on the streets trying to win votes at stockholm articles. Europe editor at large speaking to us from milan a little earlier today at kiara as described italy's president has effectively removed the politics from italy's government by instituting the so-called technocratic government. How remarkable to give a bit of a longer view on this or a move. Is this in the recent history of italian politics. and what do you foresee the political implications. I suppose of this move might be in italy in the months to come well thomas. I think it's an interesting way to put it. That president material has removed the politics from this because yes he is proposing technocrat but i think his decision is very shrewd political. Move actually You know we've talked on a monocle minute about the importance of the role of montana. And all of this you know. We focused a lot about squabbles between different parties and former prime ministers and future prime ministers. And what's going to be but actually at centro vitale is president. La la la who has made a very very intelligent move in completely. You know upending. Everybody's expectations and bringing mario draghi to the table. This is a name that a lot of parties will find difficult to say no to but that certain parties will feel almost impossible to approve and in order to understand that you have to know a little bit about the background of the last ten years of italian. Politics really is a long game. The relevance of this moment actually goes back almost a decade and it goes back to. Mario monti's government in twenty eleven ha de italian history of technocratic governments and how relation feels about them. It goes back to the fact that it's virtually the rise of the technocratic government supported by establishment. Parties sent left center right to the essentially boyd. The extreme success of movements like moving five stars the moon five stars was born out of dissatisfaction with the establishment and establishment is the pd. The establishment is better screenings party and is the technocrats the people coming from europe who are immediately resonate with this idea of steady and finance and banks. Which doesn't actually go down very well done throat of italians that were really really badly scarred by the financial crisis i think when you look at the last decade of italian politics you look at a real series of governments to have an lasted very long and remote qabli. A lot of them governments that were directly elected by the people. You know we've had technocratic governments we've had really you know we've had coalition governments where you know the majority of was really really tight whack. Coalition talks went on for ages. We've had internal betrayals and you know people come to the fore. Even though they hadn't really been selected by a popular vote. So i think what this might do for the overall mood of of the population is bring back all those feelings off just simply not really having a political choice in all of this and may actually give more fire to all of these populist parties that made their fortune out of the situation like this in the past and if we do come to early elections which has not yet. A possibility is completely off the cards. It may actually paying favor in on those populist parties which we saw in coalition government a couple of years ago three years ago. Now but that never expressed a proper. I guess prime minister political prime minister. Let's remember that the content much as we think about it now as appropriate political figure he was also a lawyer by profession. He was chosen by the moving five stars as a relatively neutral name. That would put together a coalition between moving and lega. But we haven't really had a party leader as prime minister in quite a long

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