Are Raiders plotting to trade Derek Carr, pursue Deshaun Watson?


According to a report out of las vegas. The raiders are taking calls on quarterback derek. Carr it's suggested in the report that it could potentially be the beginning of a three team trade to get to shawn watson in a raiders. Uniform shannon vegas. Try and trade for sean top. Five top seven quarterback. I think you should be in the running for watson. Skip there something that's been on my mind and the bother me last week. I called you the night before and told you that has some information about about jon. L. came on the show and they're about six thirty top of the show. I said to shawn watson my sources tell me shawn watson has ashby the texans for trade and this is not. This is just being broke but this could ask a couple of weeks ago now. Adam schefter reported twenty minutes out to me that show watson to ask for trade basically saying that he's breaking the news which at and i said what transpired that he wants to go to the jets. He have a fondness for robert solid. Everybody keeps saying jason this and that so what they're trying to do. They're trying to add egg pool pork to a hamburger. That i've already made is still a hamburger. Youth and economists tried to add to the story back to this absolutely skilled. I don't this report came from chris. Simms yes okay. What transpired skill. And you said this yesterday. When he was when he was talking to the press conference the player he said the player of the the new england syria away to new caserio said the player yes he must have realized how it sounded his head because he started saying shaw desha. It's too late. You everything off his thing and our to our for everything to my agent day google level but anyway skill yes they should skip. I just got always got the impression. That jon gruden wasn't as far the derek carr. I don't know what it is. I could be totally wrong but it. Just something about yeah. He's good but i don't really know if he can take me to where i need to go. I am making ten million dollars. The i do have one hundred dollar contract. And we haven't been to the play. So i'm as you can be viewed as a failure skill for thirty million dollars ain't got nothing to show for it. And there's a lot of have to do with his defense. They print his lands. Twenty fourth and thirtieth last three years are good bradley the off season he so you look at it. They're waller. it's a top three tight end. They got josh jacobs. Who made the pro bowl again. If i'm not mistaken hillary rodham. He nice receiving corps offensive. Line is solid. Yeah john was. It will be a major player for them. And in this offense again. It's the west coast system skip. It'd be foolish not to try

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