World War II veteran who raised millions for British health service dies from COVID-19


Died. He was a British veteran of World War two and was 100 years old. He died of covert 19, but not before performing one more service and no. Well, you're just gonna have to help me if I choke up here. In his 100th year, he raised $40 million to help Britain's National Health Service fight the coronavirus that later killed him, and he did it by walking. There was this really popular video of more walking around and around his garden patio, All for charity, Mr Morris Grandson, Colin Ingram promised to pay his granddad £1.1 British pound Her lap. That challenge was posted on social media and turned into a widespread campaign to raise money for the health service. Here's the BBC capturing Mr Moore's final lap last May. Inches together. And there he is. Co congratulations. Wilde done. Absolutely amazing. Amazing achievement. Captain Tom, How do you feel this morning? Fine. Fine, Miss. I'm surrounded by the right sort of people. So, yes, I feel fine. I hope your own food and fine, too. Captain Tom Moore received a knighthood and here's British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Became not just a national inspiration. The beacon of hope for the world. His doctor was clear allergies of the Royal College of Physicians, and she says, Every time he came for an appointment, he had a smile on his face. And brought the staff chocolates that he hoped would keep them going. He had many admirers years Lieutenant Colonel Tom Miller in a video from the Yorkshire Regiment, truly inspirational individual who had captured the hearts off the nation over these testing times with his infectious energy drive and determination. After his death at age 100, Britain's National health Service put out a one line tweet. Thanks for everything, Sir Tom.

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