The Freedom To Be You


Now. The topic i wanted to discuss in this podcast. Episode is the topic regarding the freedom to be you and this actually comes from the last four to five weeks in the podcast community. We've been talking about this weekly. And it all started with a discussion around the concept of branding so when i graduated from college i my first job. I interned at a company doing marketing. And then what am i first. Jobs was at an advertising agency. And i learned a lot while working at the advertising agency regarding marketing regarding branding and this specific agency that i worked for was known for coming up with the brand of what happens. Here stays here for the city of las vegas. That was one of our a. Customers at the advertising agency was the city of las vegas or the the It's actually the city. But they're they're ministry of tourism. Or whatever the acronyms for the entity responsible for getting people to visit las vegas so they had the agency had come up with this branding campaign. That what happens here stays here and I'm sure many of you have heard about this. It's it's a very popular Brand for the for las vegas. So branding is a very important aspect of marketing. But it's not necessarily the same thing as marketing. Marketing is what you want your customers to do for example in advertisement that convinces them to call your phone number to hire you for Air conditioning repair or whatever. It is but branding is something a little bit. Different brandon is everything that you do to evoke a certain feeling from your customer. So that when they think about your company they have a certain feeling and many large brands focus heavily on being consistent with their branding. Apple has a certain. Feel a bmw. Audi ford radio. Any major brand has a brandt. has what's called branding. And all of their marketing revolves around the brandon and it starts with something as simple as their mission statement so think of brandon as what a company wants you to feel about them and marketing is more what a company wants you to do and because i spent so much time at an advertising agency and learning the ins and outs of marketing. And the ins and outs of branding I started to think more recently about how we as individuals actually do the same thing. We have the story that we have about ourselves and then everything that we do when we interact with others revolves around maintaining the brand that we want them to associate with us and as silly as that sounds. I think it's very real right. You may have a story about you. Which is i am an intellectual person and look at me. How i read so when i post a picture on social media of hey check out this book that i'm reading and that's all part of my subconscious branding effort to make sure that you know that i am a person who reads therefore i'm a person who intellectual or things or things like that The clothing that we wear the way that we do our hair the Type of vehicles that we drive the sports and hobbies that we participate in. All of these things are involved with our personal brand. And i think it's important to understand this not because we're necessarily trying to eliminate our stories or to eliminate are brandon but our effort is to understand ourselves. Why does this you know when someone does or says something. Why does it affect me this way. Oh because it's inconsistent with the branding. That i have about myself that i want them to perceive about me. Now i've encountered this firsthand in my own practice with When i was going through my transition faith and i had this story about myself. Which is that. I am a good person. I do good things. I i'm not the type of person who's Going to intentionally do wrong Or i guess in its broadest sense. I'm not a bad guy. I'm not a bad person and i. I liked to be known as someone who's nice and friendly and who does the right thing. That was part of my personal brand. Or i guess is part of my personal brand

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