Where Are the Good Guys in Business?

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Everyone. Welcome to another episode of women worldwide. Thank you so much for showing up for tuning in and we appreciate. How much sharing you're doing sharing the episodes and also letting us know how you're doing and how you feel because as you do we continue to deliver stories. The gas the inspiration motivation in the advice to help you so today's show is no different. Let's get right to it. The topic is men supporting women in the workplace. We're are the good guys in champions in the allies who were there to support and that is the perfect segue to my special guest today. And i say special guests because i have two guests joining me on the show. We have david. Smith and david is associate professor of sociology at the college of leadership ethics and at the us naval war college. And i think i might have mutilated that a little bit. So you can always crack me david and we have brad johnson who is a clinical psychologist of professor of psychology in the department of leadership ethics law at the united states naval academy and they are co authors. They i wrote a book called sina rising and now they've written a new book. It's called good. Guys how men can be better allies for women in the workplace david brad. Welcome to women. Worldwide's read to be here with you. Dear dre exterior Thanks for inviting us. Well my pleasure and what a topic to be talking about on women worldwide. We're thrilled that you wrote the book and before we get to good guys. Maybe you can each share how you've got to focusing on gender in the workplace in bringing men into extra david. Why don't you start us off certainly brandon. I taught together at the naval academy for almost eight years. And as you heard. I'm a sociologist. And i focus all of my research. We call the intersection of gender work and families looking at gender perspectives of work in careers and family interacts with that. In my good friend and colleague here dr brad. Johnson is a clinical psychologist. Whose done all of his research in the area of mentoring relationships. We found that together. We had a common interest in particular as we were looking at. How gender equity was playing out in a variety of different industries and professions including the ours around the military that that often these were conversations where there were more women and just not very many guys who were involved in these conversations in creating that equity in in really how men tuned out From the conversation the minute went something around gender or it was a women's leadership initiative. Whatever the case might have been the guys look at that in many cases that oh that's not for me. That's there's not a place for me there in so brad and i were really interested in learning more about how we get more men engaged in this conversation why they weren't engaging in this conversation because the way we are looking at it was women have advanced to a large degree in our organization today in senior leadership to probably about as far as they're gonna get without all of us really getting involved in really committing to creating this gender equity in the workplace and it was going to take men right because this is not just a women's issue. This is a leadership issue. So it's gonna take women and men to be involved in that and so that leads to our first. Our first collaboration excellent in brad. You wanna add anything to that from your perspective. You know i. i think there's also The personal case. For dave and i write so dave dave graduated from the naval academy here. And that's where he met his wife and and he got to see her go through the navy. He's as he stayed with his career. He sees her facing all of these headwinds that he's never encountered and and i think that gave him a real sense of empathy for the experience of women's You know Moments in the workplace being quite different in my case it was my younger sister whose also in the navy she's a navy captain and you know i was in the navy too and i i have just seen shannon my sisters experienced as being quite different right she fit gets told to smile all the time She gets shamed for running too fast on physical fitness test. Because it makes the guys feel bad you know there are just so many things i never encountered. I think for both dave and i. You know we've had these eye opening moments with women we care about. So yes there's yeah condemning business case. That got us intrigued here. But there's a personal as well.

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