Surstromming: The World's Smelliest Food


There are many foods that are considered an acquired taste foods that might not be palatable the first time you try it or something that just doesn't sit right with most people. It could be something as simple as blue cheese or something like the filipino delicacy balut which is a boiled fertilized egg with the embryos still inside sweden has its own acquired tastes delicacy which has spawned hundreds of reaction videos and caused it to be banned by airlines. Learn more about sir strumming. The world smelly food on this episode of everything everywhere. Daily this episode is sponsored by audible dot com. My audiobook recommendation. Today is the almost nearly perfect people. Behind the myth of the scandinavian utopia by michael booth journalists. Michael booth has lived among the scandinavians for more than ten years and he has grown increasingly frustrated with the roast into view of this part of the world offered up by the western media in this timely audiobook. He leaves his adoptive home of denmark and embarks on a journey through all five of the nordic countries to discover who these curious tribes are the secrets of their success and most intriguing of all what they think of each other. Why are the dane. So happy despite having the highest taxes to the finns really have the best education system. Are the icelanders as fareless. They sometimes appear how the norwegian spending their fantastic oil wealth and. Why do all of them hate the swedes. you can get a free one-month trial to audible in two free audiobooks by going to audible trial dot com slash everything everywhere or by clicking on the link in the show notes the word sir strumming in swedish literally means sour fish and that is probably an understatement. More specifically sir strumming is canned fermented herring that in and of itself doesn't sound that bad. There are many fermented foods that we eat and we have no problem with them. Yogurt sauerkraut and kimchi are all fermented foods. And no-one freaks out at the idea of eating them from inflation is an ancient form of food preparation by the breakdown. Food via microorganisms like bacteria and yeast all well and good cover. There's another process of breakdown of food via micro organisms in that is called rotting serse roaming toes the line between fermentation and rotting the history of sir strumming goes back to at least the sixteenth century when we can find the first written mention of the food however the food might be very well older than that as from. It is a pretty old process. The legend of sir strumming holds that it was accidentally created by fishermen who didn't have enough salt to preserve their catch. They use less salt than normal and sold their fish to some locals and finland salt is used to inhibit microbial growth and to stop the fish from rotting. When the fishermen returned they thought the locals would be mad at them for selling them fish. That rotted instead. They love the product and wanted more of it. The fishermen tried the fish themselves and thus stroming was born today sir. Strumming is prepared. In purchasing a can while in the can the fermentation process continues fermentation results in the release of gases which means at the can will often be bulging due to high pressure inside the can the fermentation of the fish in the can result in the single most unique quality of sir strumming the smell in two thousand and two japanese study found it to be the worst smelling food in the world. The smell is so bad that it has become legendary. it's been described as rotten eggs. A dead body a dirty diaper and raw sewage but the truth is there are so few things you can really compare it to because nothing else smells quite so bad. The smell is what's made the product famous. And if it weren't for the smell it would be about as controversial as pickled herring children in sweden have been known to open a can of sir stroming school so they could get out of class. Airlines will not allow people to carry sir strumming on flights because of the high pressure in the can in the low pressure in the cabin the higher pressure differential can result in some cans rupturing spewing the smelly liquid onto the plane and. It isn't as if you can leave a plane while it's flying or open a window most famously in one thousand nine hundred one a landlord. Germany evicted attendant because they spilled a can of sir strumming in the building stairwell german laws. Make it very hard to evict people. When the eviction came to trial the landlords defense consisted of opening up a can in the courtroom. The judge have experienced the overwhelming odor ruled in favor of the landlord. If you search for sir strumming online you'll find dozens and dozens of reaction videos of people opening up the cans and trying to eat the contents. The videos mainly consists of gigging wrenching and sometimes vomiting the problem. According to the sir strumming experts is that they're eating at wrong for starters. You never want to open a canister stroming indoors for reasons which i think of established by now. Ideally you want to open the can when submerged in water that will prevent the liquid inside from spraying all over the place when it's opened alternatively you could open it while it's enclosed in a plastic bag once the liquid has been drain. You don't eat it straight from the can the herring which is put in the can. Hasn't been gutted or deboned. You need to do that. I then the traditional way of meaning it is with a swedish flat bread called tune broad along with potatoes onions and sour cream. It's usually eaten as sort of small sandwich. I've actually had the experience of trying some sir strumming and it really doesn't taste as bad as it smells ranted given that it's the worst smelling food in the world. That's a pretty low bar but it isn't bad so long as it prepared properly if you really want the full sir strumming experience. I'd have to suggest you visit the island of von in sweden's high coast. It is a center of herring fishing and it's considered. The mecca for strumming. August is considered the best season enforcers strumming. Because it's in the middle of the summer. It's also one of the best times to visit ov- on regardless the main day for eating it is the third thursday of august also known as sir strumming day. Which is the day which by royal decree you used to be able to start selling strumming. If you're there you might be able to meet ruben. Matteson who is the self proclaimed king of sir strumming. He was the person who actually served me my first serve strumming one. Is it von back in two thousand fourteen. He was involved in opening a twenty five year old. Ken of sir strumming which was found in an abandoned cabin in norway. Having been outside for a quarter century the can was quite rusted. And due to twenty five years of fermentation it was bulging a lot. The contents of the container were mostly liquid. What solid material. That did come out. Didn't really look anything. Like fish. ruben. Madsen of course aided anyhow

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