What To Expect From CES 2021


Hi. How you doing? Good. The consumer electronic show 2021 talk to me a little bit about that. That's ce s 21, right? Yes, And what's interesting? I think about it is that this year? It's been very different, right? I mean, what hasn't been different, but this is one of the largest shows in the world usually attract somewhere around 120,000 people to Las Vegas, and it's an insane, you know, week of just all these new tech ideas and all that. This year. It's a little different, but one of the things that we've seen in a lot of these virtual presentations is actually a lot of technology to help with the pandemic, and what I think has been interesting is that ah, lot of this is taking health technology that was already on the horizon and kind of applying it to the pandemic and how to fight it. Me an example of some of the things that they're trotting out there A mask phone touchless doorbell. What? Caught your eyes. Yeah, The math phone is probably the best one right, So it's literally like one of those cheap Bluetooth headsets built into a mask. But it works. In fact, Reviewer of the Wall Street Journal said. She used it for Ah lot of conference calls, and she was very happy on day. It's only like 56 bucks so easy, but there are also other ones out there. For example, there's a bio button. And this is a really interesting idea. It takes sensors that are near hospital quality. Not exactly. Near that to come on your chest and just this one button. It's not a bunch of sensors. They're all built into this one button. It can stay there for up to 90 days, and it can track your vital signs and all sorts of other stuff and alert you. If you're starting to get sick now, it can't tell the difference between Cove it in the flu. Most of us can't either unless we get a test, but It's a good sign of kind of showing how technology that was again already kind of in the offing can be used in the more positive ways. And then finally, the touchless doorbell is probably one of the smartest dog type technologies I saw where literally it's a video doorbell, just like the ring that a lot of people have. And what it does is that they have a mat that they put right in front of the doorbell and the doorbell. It's been taught if someone is standing on that mat, so they're close enough immediately. Ring the doorbell don't have to have them touch it. And, of course, that's like, really smart idea, and that time when we're all worried about germs, same thing with the toilet, By the way, we've had, like sensor run toilets for a long time in businesses. Now they defend. They found a way to make it kind of lets ugly looking at home, And instead you just kind of wave your hand over the flushing The flusher like your jet I or something, So there's a lot of that type of stuff that we saw. Doesn't the Smartwatch already do some health metrics for you? It does, but it is not doing stuff like following your temperature as closely right. It's not, you know, the so far most of the watches are on Lee taking heart rate sometimes oxygen, though they're not terribly good at it, and, according to our reviews have seen it. And also the BCG, but they're not able to do stuff like your temperature and other stuff. And so I think what's interesting is it's not just taking those vitals the way that the watch does, which typically, the watches only, really doing that a lot during a workout, and then it's passively doing it every once in a while when you're not This button. In theory, for example, we haven't tested it, but in theory would actually be tracking you pretty regularly on day. Especially if you're someone who lets imagine you're over 65. You're in a in a home and you're really worried about possibly getting Cove it or getting sick.

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