iPhone App Tracks Weight-Loss Progress


This week talk about popular app to help people with their weight loss goals because again new year's resolutions this app promises to go beyond the scale. I'll let you hear more about it from louis. Lewis's the british developer who made and maintains the app. It's called progress app. Come back at the end of the episode to wrap it up whether you're looking to add stable cash flow from dividends or prefer long-term growth through appreciation fund rise makes investing in private real estate as easy as investing in stocks bonds or mutual funds. We've got an easy to use website. You can track your portfolio's performance and watches. Properties across the country are acquired an improved. I am personally a rise investor. I've been using their services for more than a year now. And i'm not required to do that at all as part of our partnership sponsorship here. I just really enjoyed it. I thought it's a really interesting model. Especially if you're looking to create that diversified portfolio and invest in real estate without being landlord. I encourage you to check it out. See for yourself. How one hundred and thirty thousand. Investors built a better portfolio with real estate. It takes just a few minutes to get started. Go to fundraise dot com slash side-hustle today that's f. u. n. d. r. i. Dot com slash also on rise dot com slash site us. All my name is louis. And i'm from the uk my side. Hustle is called the progress at is fictional episode seven. Three eight must side. Hustle is a weightless tracking app. We're kind of goes beyond the scale and it helps you track your progress by checking your measurements and things like that so really helped you stay motivated and stay on track. When you trying to lose weight often the scale can be very misleading especially for women and it can go up and down and not really give you that europe pitcher Found is if you take your measurements like with a tape measure and your tires. You can see. You can get the whole picture and you can see your progress. Trinity helps to stay motivated and stay on track. I was i gonna get married ads. I wanted to lose a white before getting married for their wedding parties. And i read about this kind of method of trucking yourself you measurements and everything and at the same time. I wanted to learn how to my iphone apps and saw. I thought i'm just gonna make that for myself just as kind of landing project and donate. I thought. well i'll just put out and see whether anyone likes it or whether anyone can use this and state and have been working on a since by ceiling. it's mainly been just kind of slow and steady. Growth is kind of just kind of how successful businesses can go consolidated revenues crown no consistent line but it's grown every year some years more than others. I've taken on by to help me with custom and support and things like that. And i've been trying to grow progress incrementally dicey with with just as much can. Witches may in terms of the challenges. At the moment. i've been very fortunate with covid. The covid hasn't really had any negative impacts on on my what saw i'm super grateful for that You're very lucky in some sort of more general challenges. I think i've been very happy working on my auburn and not having to manage people and things like that. But i'm not the point. Now where i really feel like i should do that. And start to grow into more quote unquote real business. But that's the big challenge is kind of a big step to take on a new person. Be responsible for that are paying. Them and funding programs is hard and things like that. So it's just a big step not facing his head on. I should be. I guess unstrung advice. I'll give to someone would be to learn to carry if coweta or you've never done. Coveting is a lot easier than the most people think and program has like to pretend that it's very hard and it's easier than people think and especially these days are so many resources commend as a project called collard which you can google and is kind of geared towards kids. But i've done the things in there that really fun. And they have like minecraft star wars and these kind of theme gangs teach you program and even if you never used the programming for side. Hustle is just such a useful scale on. You could start maybe doing freelancing as a side hustle or you could use it to improve processes in your current job. Give yourself more time. It's a very tall skills.

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