Lake Erie's Revenge: The Cleveland Browns Date With AFC Destiny

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Thanks for joining me. Man going to be on with ov pablo jake. Trotter covers the cleveland browns for espn and before that you reported on the big twelve and followed baker mayfield's meteoric rise. So you live in cleveland. I live in cleveland. I live about five miles away from the browns training facility in berea. Ooh so listen you are right at the heart of everything you cover the browns. I want to understand what does winning this first. Playoff game. twenty six years doing it against is truly hated. Enemy in the pittsburgh steelers. What does it do for a city after two decades of being like generally humiliated. How would you describe the energy. Jake in cleveland right now. Yeah i would describe it as one of the greatest moments in the history of the city. And i'm not just talking about football. I'm talking about all moments. If you talk to people who grew up your they would say that sunday one of the happiest days of their lives sunday night after that win you could hear fireworks going off around cleveland. I don't know who has fireworks in the middle of january but people have them. Apparently people were driving up and down. Their streets warns it was a very exciting night. For cleveland and one that they've been waiting for for twenty six years and really forever considering how dominated they have been by the steelers over the years. Yes i'm looking at a list of things. Actually jake that happened in nineteen ninety four when the browns won their last playoff game. Turns out the number one on the billboard charts. Was the sign by ace of base. Is that all sound right to you. In terms of how did all of this has been feeling. Yeah i've been doing this all year checking what songs were number one at a time. The browns headache milestone. I know that when they were foreign one for the first time since nineteen ninety. Four when bill belichick was still the head coach. That boys to men actually had the number one song on the billboard. Hot one hundred. That kind of gives you a little context of how long it's been since the browns were at this point. I mean they're starting quarterback for example wasn't even alive to rewind to a little bit more recently the week leading up to this playoff win over the steelers it was. I don't even know how to explain it. Other than just like total chaos. Breaking news into i ate out of cleveland browns coach. Kevin stefanski has tested positive for covid. Nineteen according to our adam schefter to other coaches and players dealing with kobe related issues. They're closing their facilities fellas. They ultimately competed with kevin stefanski in his basement. Watching the game not on the sidelines. So what is this week been like as it relates to cove it. They had a practice on wednesday which was weird to see because they haven't had a practice or very many of them not even just last week for the last couple of weeks. I mean go back to the game in week. Sixteen when they traveled to play the jets. They had to delay their flight because they had a positive test from one of their players. Then they had to put their entire receiving core as high risk close contacts on the reserve covid nineteen list. They finally get to newark. They stay the night there. They were not able to do a walk through before leaving on saturday so they held a walk through on the fifth floor. The parking garage that morning adjacent to their hotel really from that moment until now it is been total. Chaos i mean they have had almost every single day since then. Something chaotic happen where they'd had to adjust. They went the entire week last week. Almost without a practice until getting one in friday they finally got kevin stefanski their head coach back in the building on thursday. It has been a bizarre couple of weeks. But to this team's credit into kevin's stefanski credit. They have never panicked. They have never felt sorry for themselves and they have been able to overcome it. Which is the most impressive thing. When this team given their lack of success in the past in the way as they've come together their ability to overcome different curve balls that have been thrown their way.

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