Ballot bonanza: Latin Americas year of elections


Ecuadorians will head to the polls to elect a new president and legislature. It's the start of what will be a busy political year across latin america chile honduras peru nicaragua all due to hold national elections argentina. El salvador mexico will have legislative and regional votes. This frenetic year comes at a delicate moment in two thousand nine thousand nine hundred and twenty twenty. Last protests erupted in several of these countries over corruption inequality and price rises since then. The pandemic might have quieted the streets. But it's also realized. The stress economies in poverty. Rose this year. All those strains may come to bear on the region's political systems. Latin is about to have a bumper year of elections brooke. Unger are america's editor and these are taking place in a region that's been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic if not the hardest hit in terms of cases and deaths per million people and in terms of the economic impact. It's had latin. America's going to shrink more than pretty much any other region in the world and a bunch of these countries in the midst of this chaos and trauma are going to be choosing new leaders to help them find a way through at a time. When you're seeing across the world a lot of democratic backsliding including in latin america these elections are going to test the strength of democracies in those countries. So it looks like the count is nine. Latin american countries that will be holding elections this year. But i mean it's a diverse region. They they must have as many differences as commonalities well. It is a very diverse group of countries. That will be voting. I mean you have on the one hand for example chile which is one of the richest economies in the region and one of the best established democracies and you also have haiti which is pretty much the poorest country in the hemisphere and has a very dysfunctional democracy. And there's everything in

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