The GOAT Whisperer: The Man Who Lured Tom Brady To Tampa

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So greg first question. Where are you right now. I have met the media center for the super bowl which is in the tampa convention center. Kinda for all that around downtown tampa but is not quite busy here yet. So it's a little bit still kind of thought out. I'm sure in in forty eight hours. It'll be crazy here. Well greg sunday will be the first time that a super bowl is played in the home city of one of the two competing teams. What is the feeling in tampa right now. In the up to the game as you walk around drive around you feel a super bowl frenzy even in this pandemic couple days city is enjoying a run like it's never had. He had the stanley cup at world series in october. God and now. I think just making the boy. I would have been a big step for this team but see them win. Three road playoff games. And now be as you said in a super bowl in their own stadium. It's been a wild six months for tampa or to be sure we wanted to pick your brain a little bit about the guy who many people credit with building this bucks super bowl team. Gm jason light when he joined the bucks seven years ago. This team was more or less in disarray. How has he rebuilt it. I think he's done a very good job of drafting three touchdown. She'll back to this. First draft is fourteen. Taking mike evans been a pro bowl. Receiver has reset all the receiving records already. Big exclamation shows tied his own tampa bay record with his wealth reception for a touchdown this year. Tom brady just set the new fifteen two starting offensive linemen and their left tackle donovan smith and they're left guard alley pat and then really you look at the last three draft. That's defense has come. I think they have seven. Vincent starters that are from the last three drafts talent collectors. Were finding the right fifth buildings championship team. There's a veteran presence traded for jason pierre paul from the giants and hit on him and consumers thirty four and still a very high level the this is a good mix of young. It's really worth well. Even jason light was putting pieces into place. And you know sort of building the backbone of this team. This team wasn't doing particularly well and nfl. Owners of course are not known for their patients. So why did. The buccaneers stick with light. Even as this team continued to miss the playoffs year after year after year you go back to the end two thousand eighteen and then made the decision to fire dirk cutter coach dirk cutter. He is now officially relieved of his duties by the team. And in this statement. The buccaneers say that gm jason light will lead the new search. So that means light will get. I think in most situations they probably would have moved on from jason light his gm as well. He did really well in that he kind of pulled out an important card. And was there gateway to getting bruce arians. I gotta say jason's main reason. I came back in coaching and i knew how good of an evaluator was having worked with him. And we say we share the same vision workers in arizona in twenty thirteen adding when it came time for the bucks to be looking for a head coach. He kind of got them. In with bruce arians gave the bucks somebody that he knew and trusted. Having a head coach bruce. And the relationship that i have with him is it. I don't know if we'll ever be repeated. He's just such a unique guy. We have such a unique strong bond. That we we get along well. We even argue

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