Ryan Seacrest Is Walking Off E!’s Live From the Red Carpet


After 14 years, so basically, you know, almost Desperate Housewives premiered. Seacrest leaving these red carpet coverage. Oh, yeah, He's like I'm done. Okay? Yeah, He just said I'm pulling away. Well, yeah, And also you know what the you know it used to be. Joan Rivers made The covering of the red carpet of thing and the critiquing of the outfits. Look, I mean, there was always red carpet reporters. I mean, hell. We saw one on singing in the rain, but anyway, but It, but But she turned it into an event and then it got to be a thing, And sometimes the pre shows were almost more exciting than the actual broadcast. But it's kind of falling out of favor. And especially now, when the ratings for the award shows are themselves are in the tank, it's lost its luster. So out of all of his jobs. My point is, I can see why he ditched this one looks. You surprised? No, not at all in this. One of all of the jobs probably takes the most work. It's getting there and getting their attention. And I know he is not someone who's desperate to get the interviews. They come to him. But still, you know, just the whole Chaotic night of it, And that's not happening right now. No, not doing red carpet. So I wonder if it was kind of a combination of that slowly dying anyway, and We need to move on from this. That might have been a network decision to they just had a conversation of look You do so much? Yeah, Let's let this die. Yeah, this one died. Or maybe he just wants to a go to an award show and enjoy it

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