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What's enjoy next for Jalen a-rod. So maybe you too. We'll have children. Plus the hero from the waffle house shooting Ellen today at three on NBC four, then news for breaking down every twist of the DC mentioned murderers. You give me DNA. You can take that to the back and uncovering evidence that could change everything. So you think there might be someone else a news force special event tonight. It's six thirty. Thing we're in the business again fast, and so the teams and the push it to the absolute limits and sometimes ever and that that's what happens. Just just merged into the into the family thing, the hold alone. I'll even Barrett for that, right to Greece dot intense mania. Some like that. That just is an acceptable from the rice treks across the strategy at he is inside super supercars. Welcome to this week. It's tiny. Talk on regularises spec. Get with Craig. Reveal an interesting weekend, Greg, quite we can with father day and also hype. Everyone enjoyed they Father's Day a weekend. If it were applicable to them modest sport wise because we had India in the states with Scott Dixon closing Nava title that we had Daniel Ricardo and forty game retiring morass. There was some domestic racing young on here, which happened Winton with production cars, good to see grant Denia and Tony del Buto, showing speed and winning. But we're getting ready county up to San in two weeks time and it certainly looks like it'll be interesting rice zig, be showing plenty of form and obviously not quite the rookie card. Anyone thought it was going to be, and it's. Going to be a fascinating weekend to see if those drag strips at the grandstand and the fireside do provide a noticeable assistance to any of the guys out there. And of course, it's also Pat of this. Farewell. The falcon tour that everyone's on. And in this case it'll be falcon Zine old. Falcon liveries baps a few Mustang deliveries, inevitably falcons in falcon liveries is I think, how they wanna play it. Indeed. Yeah, there's big things plan, I think for for Baptist, but more than likely, they'll be quite a few on it exhibition at Santana's. Well. With the b. Obviously, Thailand being was the longest trek, the new guys, they know load grand prix is probably about the same length as in oval, trickling Zid be certainly had full wall. The falcons did a bit of winning. And of course it was when walking shown with Scott by getting his face when the growing private speaking of the grand prix, the Deitz have come out for this year of rather twenty nine eight and they've moved it. So it's a week earlier than this year says the fourteenth seventeenth March, and it's as slightly as a week or so closer to the Adelaide five hundred which is only last weekend in February, going into the early days of March. So. Compression compressing Matama bits the quays teams. Again, we'll have raisins complain as I'm sure others around the country will as well. I think it's gone from mar rough meth seventeen days. Eleven days or something is the expected change in the in the calendar. Formula one have moved their dight. If as long as they, I feel Cape it too. I think it was a bar Randall. There was only one game plight or something like that. If that is the weekend, the grown praise on, then I think that would be great because she wanted on Ning round via fill season because you back know twenty pages in to the daily newspaper before you get your first photo story of particularly support races as the super Khazar on that stage space in the heroes on it's always a beta problem Melvin, no nineties. Thinking Suva Qasr other than sad news for Jamie, Jamie win Cup was going to be my his US racing debut at Laguna Seca Mercedes with Kenny Abon who, unfortunately, he's had to pull out because of some homeless that Kenny has. So Jamie, we'll have to postpone to another dight, but

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