Why California is considering later school start times


Out with everybody back to school. Now, there are some schools start before Labor Day, but they are all back now that Labor Day is behind us. And one of the stories. It's getting a lot of attention. Is this issue of sleep now in California? They have a law that lawmakers have passed there waiting for the governor to sign that would delay. The start of all school by thirty minutes. The belief is that just thirty minutes. We'll make a difference in a child's life when it comes to academics. Especially for those who are in junior high and especially on into high school can thirty minutes really be a difference maker. Well, we want to talk about the issue of sleep and young people with us right now on the disk instituted Pittsburgh, Newsline is Dr Deepa Berman co medical director of the pediatric sleep program at you PM see children's hospital of Pittsburgh. Dr welcome the KKK radio. Good to have you. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me absolutely issue of sleep. Does it make sense to you that just thirty minutes? More can make a difference. Absolutely. You know, this is not just a belief, but you have a lot of data that even increasing. Our total sleep time by as low as thirty minutes can have a positive impact on our day to day functioning. And when we talk about kids that's functioning is that impact is even stronger. Now, what about the idea of just having them? Go to bed thirty minutes earlier that if there's really this belief, and it's something that everybody should buy into. Why not just had the kids? Go to bed earlier in the first place. Yes. That's a really really interesting question. Actually. So there is again, very good research data that in middle school starting middle school in dollar teenagers our natural biological crop. Or in the chemical melatonin that helps us sleep and helps us go to bed and fall asleep. Actually, the secretion is delayed until eleven o'clock so the kit, so whenever we are sleeping to think that actually make. Sleep is melatonin secretion. And how you're how tired you are. So regardless of you know, when you go to bed, you will fall asleep. When your body is ready, and are adult lessons are actually not even ready until later. So even if you force them to go to bed they will be sitting awake in bed, but not actually falling asleep said that would not help. Well, see, I know a lot of people that like to go to bed earlier, and it seems as though as they get older they enjoy going to sleep earlier. This something happen physically when it comes to the release of melatonin that's causing people as the age to want to go to sleep earlier. Yes. Absolutely. Correct. So, you know, India Dawson age group and the clock moved a little bit later. It actually comes back in the adult age group and ask people do older a lot of our elderly folks, you know, are going to bed earlier. Primary reason is the clock actually moved forward forcing them to go to bed earlier and then making up super early in the morning. Okay. So do you think that there would be a benefit if we stop changing the clocks once he twice a year, you know, whether it's spring forward or fall back? Do you think that would make a difference that could however it's hard to say because you know, the light exposure also changes depending on the season. So you know, I know that in Europe some they are talking about getting rid of the big time zones, and they time changes. So you know, it could change, however because of the light exposure that changes in summer villas victories. The might not see any benefit if we do not, you know, move, our to what extent has modern technology made it more difficult for kids to get the sleep that they need. You know, there is a lot. There's a lot of impact of technology on our sleep. And a lot of it is negative impact. The reason why I say is because they are engaging and they tend to keep those teenagers of ache and our kids obey actually also the blue light that emits from these technologies queens, actually suppresses the melatonin the chemical. I've been talking about that causes and help people to fall asleep. So it actually suppresses them. So a lot of phones. Now, the New York technology phones have like yellow likes filter are in orange life. Is there that you could turn on at night the night mode of the technology that you and actually turn on and help the not suppressing the enough night? Is there anything that we can do to help promote the production of melatonin earlier actually exercise early morning exercise and avoiding bright light in the

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