To keep women out, Tokyo Medical University manipulated entrance exam


To achieve that by next Tuesday Cupertino giant makes history KOA eight tenths all Rogers apple has become the world's first. Publicly traded company to be valued at the answer is one zero zero zero zero zero. One trillion dollars the company. Reached that milestone after its shares rose to. An all time high of two hundred seven dollars and five cents they're up twenty two percents of our this year apple has been the leader among a handful of. Companies that have used new technology to disrupt established industries over. The past couple of decades Amazon is a second most valuable company today at eight hundred. Eighty five billion in alphabet the parrot, of search leader. Google is worth about eight. Hundred sixty billion now Apple's achievement seemed unimaginable back in nineteen, Ninety-seven where the company teetered. On the edge of bankruptcy with a, stock trading for. Less than one dollar for Jason Middleton I. Paul Rogers and some breaking news from the White House US officials are expressing. Concern about threats to the twenty eighteen. And the. Twenty twenty elections the department of homeland security had says Our, democracy, is, in, the crosshairs a. US judge has thrown out a lawsuit challenge plans to relocate a US, military base in Okinawa Japan this over concerns about. An endangered marine mammal judge Edward Chen and San. Francisco ruling the US department of defense adequately considered the basis of facts on the Okinawa dugong it's a manatee like animal associated with traditional. Creation myths in Japan and speaking of Japan Japanese Medical University is being accused of systematically. Distribute discriminating against female applicants. Because apparently women tend to quit as doctors. After they start families the Yomiuri newspaper saying Tokyo Medical University manipulated entrance exam result of women and they've done south since about twenty eleven on purpose to keep the. Female student population.

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