U.S. court orders Trump administration to fully reinstate DACA program


Finish clearing debris from emergency floodgates. After six inches of rain fell in twenty four hours more from CBS's. Jim Krasula the east coast flooding has swamped. Countless homes and businesses from Georgia to Maine with the basement of a southwestern Virginia home inundated Baabda Nova has lost his fifty or collection of baseball memorabilia. You have no idea I have no idea from when I was a, kid on, newspaper, articles one Mickey Mantle his. Five hundred home run I had the whole newspaper that's more rain is in the forecast on the east. Coast through the weekend, Jim, chrysalis CBS. News Greensboro North Carolina two major wildfires in northern California have joined the Mendocino and the clear lake fires, KPI, x. TV reporter Elizabeth Courtney ranch fire around the eastern shore of clear lake now covers an area the, size of San Jose and it's just twenty eight percent contained with a red flag warning in effect. For the fire zone things could, get worse this weekend seventeen major fires burning throughout the state pressures on the Trump administration applied by the ruling of a federal judge who says the DACA program must be fully restored court had earlier given the Trump administration ninety days to come up with the legal rationale for why the DACA program must be eliminated or why a court. Couldn't review, that decision CBS news legal analyst Fain Rosenbaum judge given the administration until August twenty third to appeal secretary of state Mike Pompeo today warned Russia and other countries against any violation of international sanctions against North Korea could reduce pressure on young to abandon its nuclear weapons expect the Russians in all countries to abide by. The UN, Security Council resolutions and, enforce sanctions on North Korea Vampire in Singapore for an Asian security forum President Trump and his weekly address says his administration's investing in an initiative designed to put more workers. In jobs we're encouraging companies across the country to join our historic initiative and pledged to, invest in training Americans for the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow in the. Democrats weekly address Hawaii Senator Steve shots is pushing to counter legal efforts to preserve some key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. President Trump has already, joined a. Lawsuit to get rid of protections, for pre existing conditions and now he wants to appoint someone to the supreme court who could tip the balance on this case approval of the cavenaugh, supreme court nomination says shots will make it harder than ever for Americans to excess healthcare this is CBS news To experience relief from foot and leg, cramps use theraworx relief get theraworx relief today in the pain relief file. At your local pharmacy ask your pharmacist for he wants to see a plane ROY that's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty San Diego pickle judges ordering the Trump administration, to find nearly five hundred deported parents and reunite them with the children taken from them ACLU lawyer legal earned says the government tried to force the job off on his group the garments left to. Their own devices they're not gonna find the parents elsewhere Sandik says one hundred twelve acres of habitat and old. Farm in the Carmel valley will be restored is wetlands starting in September and a construction firm KCM group will oversee the design and building of the.

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