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A now heard on ninety six point seven. FM So the big local, story this morning unfortunately and, we, we, started, talking, about this story yesterday evening on PM Tampa. Bay because that's that's about the time that it broke A four year old girl died yesterday after her mother threw her into the Hillsborough river multiple witnesses reported seeing the incident near four PM on the West Bank. North of the Columbus drive. Bridge Shakila Denson twenty six years old waited about half way. Across the, river and tossed her daughter gyro Daniels. Four year old in the water that's what witnesses told police then she turned around and walked back to the, river Bank rescue divers, plunged in about a half hour later rescuers could be heard over a police. Radio frequency in route to Saint Joseph's Hospital with an unconscious child police chief Tampa police chief Brian Dugan said the girl down, about seventy five feet offshore did not survive. An autopsy will determine the. Cause of the child's death Denson now faces a charge of, first, degree. Murder joining us in studio nine seventy WFL a, legal. Analyst Felix, Vega so let's step through this there are a couple of different charges that the mothers facing right right and we We only..

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