Four cities sue Trump over Obamacare 'sabotage', claiming it violates constitution


Immigrants plus Zimbabwe announces the results of its historic. But controversial presidential election voting was Monday and has been followed by a government crackdown on demonstrations. Those stories just ahead right after news, headlines. Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jack Speer for. Cities are suing the Trump administration. Alleging federal officials are deliberately, sabotaging, the, Affordable Care. Act and bureau's Alison kodjak reports the cities are asking, a judge to block some rules and executive orders let's say of hurt ACA, markets the four cities are Baltimore Chicago Cincinnati and Columbus they accuse the president and health and Human Services Secretary Alex as our. Of failing to faithfully. Execute the law as demanded in article two of the constitution and the city say their residents have been, harmed by the alleged sabotage. Because insurance has gotten more expensive leaving fewer people covered the complaint includes sixty pages of statements. By the president and actions by his administration that. The city say undermine the ACA or ObamaCare the lawsuit quotes Trump about twenty times saying he. Might let Bama care either implode or, explode The administration declined to. Comment Alison, kodjak NPR, news President Trump, is thanking North, Korean leader, Kim Jong own for a quote. Nice letter and says he looks forward to seeing Kim soon. The White House says no, date has been set for another summit. As NPR's. Michele Kelemen explains White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirms that President Trump. Received a letter and wrote back. To Kim reaffirming the US, goal, of, a nuclear-free. Korean peninsula he did receive a letter I believe he, received it on August first the is not a second meeting that is currently, locked in or finalized certainly open to that discussion but there isn't a meeting planned secretary of state Mike Pompeo Macy his North, Korean counterpart in Singapore. Where they're attending a regional conference this week officials say Pompeo will also be making the case to countries, in the region to continue. Enforcing sanctions on North Korea Michelle Kellerman NPR news the State Department national security adviser John Bolton In is handling. The Trump administration efforts to. Direct, what, he called, a vast government wide effort to protect, American elections after Russian attempts to, interfere in two thousand, sixteen Bolton at a press briefing today. Joining other top members, of the intelligence community defend actions to limit the ability. Of foreign governments interfere in, the US. Political process without going into specifics we do not wish to make the efforts of our adversaries any easier through injudicious public disclosures. Nonetheless we have offered to. Do before and continue to offer briefings. To, members of congress insecure facilities Walter another top Trump officials appear to reject, recent denials of election interference. From Russian President Vladimir Putin device maker apple has. Hit a major milestone the company behind iphones ipads and Macs becoming the first publicly traded company ever, to be valued at more than a trillion dollars being viewed as a stunning turnaround for the company that at. One point, in nineteen, ninety seven was, on the brink, of bankruptcy You're listening to. NPR this is WNYC in New York I'm David I the trial of Paul Manafort, for tax evasion and Bank fraud is underway with prosecutors emphasizing the former Trump campaign managers connections to wealthy New York lawyers argue Manafort hid income from, the IRS by wiring money directly to high end vendors WNYC's Andrea Bernstein was in the courtroom. Yesterday, she says at first the judge was unimpressed but he became more engaged in Manhattan, high-end soup. Purveyor Maximilian Katzman began testifying the judge pointing out Manafort is not on trial for having. Expensive case but the. Prosecution showed that Manafort had paid, a tour by wire, transfer from banks in Cyprus and max Katzman was quite clear even though he has only extremely wealthy clients he said he had no other clients who paid. Only by international wire transfer so that made an impression the trial continued today Retired tennis player James Blake says he wasn't told that a police officer who tackled him in a case of, mistaken identity is facing new charges stemming from that two thousand fifteen incident. Officer James Fresca Tori was previously. Docked five. Vacation, days for slamming Blake to the ground outside a hotel in two thousand fifteen Frasca Tori appeared for a second NYPD disciplinary trial this week after. He was accused of meddling in the investigation in a statement Blake said Prescott Tori should. Have been fired the city has not yet. Responded to a request, for comment about two, hundred and fifty students from across the. City are in an arts bootcamp this summer the two week. Program helps eighth graders prepare for auditions that are. Part of the admissions process at dozens of high schools Paris Briggs says she wants to try, out for the dance program at LaGuardia high school.

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