Smoking prohibited within 25 feet of public housing buildings in Harlingen


Zero three the lines I need to see my. Sisters represent I'm trying to keep this thing, moving man this, women's. World Wednesday and so I need sisters to be part of the conversation so that we can You know so we can talk about what we talking about Have man's world Wednesday come on that's wack Anyway for. Over eight. Nine two two seven zero three thank you, brothers for our. Wave, holding a. Brother down Yeah I So you want to know what's going on in the. World I want to share what I have learned with. You Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu PF party has won the most. Seats in parliament according to incomplete official results president Emmerson Mnangagwa. Was party is poised to win a substantial parliamentary majority In Monday's poll the first elections since lone serving ruler Robert Mugabe was removed. For his strong stance against colonial interference in Zimbabwe's affairs by the way The result of the presidential vote is expected. Later on today Earlier the opposition MDC alliance said the vote. Had been rigged and that its candidate Nelson Chamisa had one The Zimbabwe. Electoral commission has announced one hundred ten seats for Zanu PF so far and. Forty one for. MDC alliance there are two hundred ten seats in the national assembly's lower house and Monday Monday's vote Attractive Yesterday Seventy five percent. Turnout unbelievable With us how you that's how people run their country by, letting your voice be, heard Also from the African continent South Africa Will push ahead with plans to amend its. Constitution to allow land expropriation, without compensation this is quoting to. President Cyril Ramaphosa in a recorded address he said that the ruling ANC will finalize. Finalize this proposed amendment allowing the move he said the reform was of critical importance to, the economy The recent months have seen growing anger About the slow pace Of land reform in South Africa The country's white minority has a disproportionate hold over land with, a few thousand white commercial, farmers possessing the most fertile lands and now the government is taking. That land back from the white we're plans. To restore it to black. People it's original. Owners and. Inhabitants so beautiful, thing see Justice Justice is real and Justice can be achieved If it. Can be achieved. In colonized. South Africa apart formerly apartheid state South Africa The you can get. Justice in a is Seattle in San Juan in San Antonio in New York City you can get Justice Four zero four eight nine two two seven zero three speaking of which protesters. Playing to snarl traffic In Chicago on tomorrow by marching to Wrigley field. The demonstrators are calling for an end to gun violence of Chicago's south side and west side neighborhoods they're also calling for mayor Rahm Emanuel and police, chief, Eddie, Johnson, to, step, down, because, of their inability to get the city's violence under control Thursday's March. Is expected to cause traffic headaches insecure go the protesters will March from lakeshore to Wrigley field during rush hour and right before cubs game good Thursday's the. Only at thirsty is also the first day of lollapalooza in downtown Chicago so let's just disrupt the. Bourgeoisie class from being able to move. About with, convenience. Perhaps somebody will pay attention to the fact that black people are being killed disproportionately in the. City Related story The website planning to post blueprints for. Three guns starting today has been ordered to block downloads by. Federal judge I reported to you yesterday, on this the ruling announced, Tuesday says publication of the plans could cause irreparable harm the, decision blocks a settlement That, the forty five administration reached, with a Texas company which plan to make the blueprints available, for download Forty-five had a rally last night Down in Tampa And kid sweet daddy was in In. A rare form He's. Pushing for voter ID now we are already, under that in Georgia but there are places their. States in this country we have to have an ID to vote We citizens of the. Country he said at this rally last night That only American. Citizens should vote in US elections okay Nobody's arguing that he claimed some say Democrats are. Even trying to give illegal immigrants the right to vote that's not. True That's a lie But he said and this. Is another, lie he said you need a ID. The bag groceries I mean do you should have seen him less I, watched him and, his antics last night the. Dude is, like a clown is a clown show And he. Actually actually acted a fool he shows his hand part You know. He's he's a disrespectful person He deserves he deserves to be ignored but, he's like a. Like a, bad kid a bad child The, marshals you know Ralph's you know you walk, in China shop The key In a way So this is the latest from Dr being Carson and forty five Smoking is now banned In public housing a nationwide ban went into effect on yesterday that prohibits smoking in or. Near public housing facilities the rule was passed two years ago by the Obama administration and prohibits the use of cigarettes Cigars and pipes in all public housing units common areas and outdoor areas within twenty five feet The rule does not apply, to eat cigarette so you can smoke e cigarette So I guess you can smoke the e the other easy to again Dipped snuff and chew tobacco too So is obviously not for health concerns Tennis could face eviction after several smoking violations and so No most woken in. The projects Wow Criminalization of breathing. Next We come back on the, other side of break got a couple of. More stories for you and the main thing I think you'll enjoy and engage. On, the women's world Wednesday. My name is. Slava it's the movement don't leave. Me day at me get at me Sisters escort to the front. Of, the line so blow..

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