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Randy Moss rode big-play ability all the way to Hall of Fame


Randy moss is a, I first bottle hall of fame. My colleague here is very proud of him. He deserves it out of voter him in the first ballot hall of fame as well. But if we're going to use the criteria to keep te'o Al. How do we justify doing that for Randy moss who literally admitted he played when he wanted to. Te'o played heart all the time. There were times and Oakland. Randy moss admitted. He took off. Because he was frustrated, played hard in England played hard in Minnesota. Wasn't the case in Oakland. What about that. See. That kind of up and down mood econo- stuff has no place in voting when it comes to the hall of fame. Your level of production matters. For example, there are people who say, Chris Weber's a hall of Famer in the NBA look at his numbers. I would say to you is damn show a hall of fame if we talk and fat five. But we talk an MBA career yet a numbers might be, you know what? I remember. I remember ready for this new knowing cat. I remember how to basketball was a hot potato for him when they were in the Western Conference finals against the Lakers and he couldn't give that ball up to Mike Bibby soon enough. That's what I remember. Reggie Miller never went to an NBA finals, but dad brother always wanted to ball. That's not what I saw over Chris Webber. It's not what I do. Numbers watch Shoygu deserves. It still was short deserves. It. What he accomplished in college Shoygu deserves. That's too many moments. When the franchise face the star of the team on the NBA level, not college basketball, NPA level one, no parts that basketball and thank God. He had Mike Bibby and pages to yackobitz and to a lesser degree Vladivostok. I remember. Would the dog Christie's in the world. I remember. So those kind of things that I'm talking about. Got to be about production. It can't be about emotion. And that's why support te'o in that it eight say ESPN. It's inundate seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six thing I want to touch on real quick before the calls is this new NFL rule where you're getting penalized, teen, y'all penalty of for leading with your helmet. I got no problem with it. If you're talking about avoiding launching your head and being like a missile. But I saw the the the penalty call last night by fichus were guys extending the on and trying to lead in it with their shoulder, but ended up their head. You know, the the head ended up touching the body. I something you know what the problem with that is, do y'all know that the hit the Anthony ball put on my man, Aaron Rodgers last year? Do you know that would be a penalty? That is utterly ridiculous. There is nothing illegal or de legitimate about that hit. That is preposterous. Absolutely. No place for it. And I'm here to tell you. Here. The biggest reason why Yasha hate this rule. It's going to delay the game more. Gonna late, the late the game more. As if we don't have enough time spent with the game being delayed because all of these damn penalties. Understanding trying to make the game safer, but dammit, there's a risk that comes with it either planet or you're not. I think the NFL's got this wrong. Aides say he has been seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six to the phones. We go trae you live, Stephen, what's going on with your even. Good. Thank you..

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Randy Moss rode big-play ability all the way to Hall of Fame

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