Trump administration asks Supreme Court to vacate Obama-era internet rules


North Korean nukes separation deadline I'm Barbara Kusak confidential United, Nations, report, finds North Korea has not stopped, its nuclear and missile programs in. Violation of UN sanctions as reported by. Reuters meanwhile correspondent Barbara Starr, fills us in on, what's secretary estate Mike. Pompeo had to say on pay, oh telling reporters? Chairman Kim made. A commitment to denuclearize to the extent they are behaving manner inconsistent with that we can see. We still have a ways, to go to achieve the ultimate outcome we're looking for correspondent Diane Gallagher reports a federal judge rejected a Trump administration effort to shift the burden of tracking down hundreds of migrant parents deported without. Their children to the ACLU and other such nonprofits judge slammed the government essentially for offering nothing when it comes to To a plan saying that at some point by Thursday next Thursday they need a point person they need somebody who, is a commander of some sort to take. The lead and find these parents who, were deported after being, separated from, their, children by the. Government the woman, known as the Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis, met with, these. Special counsel Robert Muller's. Team for voluntary interview this week correspondent Brynn Gingras reports investigators appear to be interested in her ties to longtime Trump adviser Roger. Stone knows and how she fits into the bigger picture isn't. Exactly clear but sources tell c. n., n., Muller's team, would, like her to testify in front of a grand jury so this really, points to the. Fact that the special counsel seems to be focusing on stone as they continue this. Over arching investigation into. Russia's interference in the two thousand, sixteen election the Trump administration asked the US supreme court to vacate at twenty sixty an, appeals court ruling that upheld Obama era net neutrality rules. That barred internet service providers from blocking or prioritizing content the question for The court was whether the now superseded order was invalid because it exceeded, the FCC's statutory authority among other such claims. I'm Barbara Kusak Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired. Wouldn't you rather be healthy energetic and fit, I'm Dennis black ten years, ago I developed. A Texas, sized solution to America's health crisis I make my Texas SuperFood from fifty five raw vine-ripened fruits and vegetables lost sixty pounds I mean. That's huge since I've been on, superfoods, I haven't.

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