Death toll hits 39 in Italy bridge collapse; blame begins

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Other party who is critical of that president or that president's policies and that that's just not the way the system's supposed to work and Brennan tweeted. This is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech and punish his critics, John Cohen. Thank you. Thanks, nice talking to you. We knew it was coming, but that didn't make it any less shocking. The diocese did not create written records every single time. They heard something about abuse. The grand jurors wrote the state of Pennsylvania is still reeling from a grand jury report detailing what it calls, credible allegations of horrific child abuse by more than three hundred priests. In this morning, people are asking, what about their superiors? What about the bishops and cardinals accused of creating a playbook for concealing the truth? And what does pope Francis have to say about it? ABC's David Wright is here tracking it all David by bread. So a thousand child victims they could identify and the report says the real numbers higher than that. And this is just one St.. Imagine if all fifty states did a comprehensive look through the church records, it's too difficult to think about, yeah, on a human level. Then what are some of the most troublesome allegations here? Well, I mean they're just horrific cases. In one instance, there's a priest to targeted five sisters from one family and continued to abuse them even after he was, he left the parish even after he left the priesthood and in case after case, there's a familiar pattern alleged in this report, and that is that basically the priests themselves were shuffled from one parish to another quietly, the cover up was sophisticated and all the while. Church leadership kept records of the abuse victims were they had settlements. They had nondisclosure agreements. We feel certain that many victims never came forward. And while the Vatican may have been alerted about all this, the general public and certainly the prosecutors weren't. Let's talk about the Vatican because this obviously reaches beyond Pennsylvania in these priests superiors. Absolutely. And one of the highest ranking. Ericans in the church at this moment, cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington DC for eighteen years. He was the Bishop of Pittsburgh, and he is named in this report more than two hundred times. He's defending his record saying that he always acted with an eye toward preventing future acts of abuse and respecting victims. But the report finds that in multiple cases, he may have alerted the Vatican he may have removed from their posts, but he didn't alert civil authorities and that allowed abuse to continue at the cops. We're not really part of that. They for them, David, these families might get the satisfaction of seeing these priests finally named, but nearly all of them are kind of power list actually do anything in court, right? That's right. I, in most of these Pennsylvania cases, the statute of limitations has long since inspired. We won't see very many new criminal prosecutions as a result of this. But what we might see is it change in the laws. There's pressure now in Pennsylvania lawmakers to enact new laws that would better protect people that would get rid of things like the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases, the. Nondisclosures for child sexual abuse cases and may even open a civil window

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