White House revokes ex-CIA director's security clearance


Mark Warner democrat Virginia He's saying you know what the actions of President Trump are. A blast from the past these people were being singled out to have either clearances revoked or in the process, of being revoked to me smacks of Nick Sonian type. Practices of trying to silence anyone who's willing to criticize this president have puts. Us again in uncharted territory I, wonder if there's president again I thought there was a bit of an irony that hit that one of the reasons they cited for taking away Mr.. Brennan's Clarence was Iraq behavior I wonder if this White House is lifted self in the. Mirror, on that, very question oh and Finally I worry whether this precedents somehow lead to the president trying to take away. Muller and his whole team this is clearly another effort to silence critics and. Not allow the molar, investigation and for that matter our intelligence committee investigation to get to the bottom of, this Sonian, practices I wonder will President Trump takeaway Buehler's security clearances yeah Will his security clearances be? Revoked Superior to

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