Spike Lee's provocative 'BlacKkKlansman'


Fifty Spike Lee has written directed produced dozens of critically acclaimed. Movies and documentaries over his more than thirty year. Career his latest movie, now in theaters black, klansman is based on the true story of a black detective named Ron stallworth who infiltrated the klu Klux Klan stallworth. And Lee were on CBS this morning where did the idea come from take us you're in. The, department, and you do you see what that makes you think I think I want to try to. Get in the KKK because you know. They don't like black people there, I didn't know that takes there I was reading the The article with we scan. The newspaper every day Let's see what my impact our city and what. If anything we can do to respond to it Cake day I saw the ad ku-klux-klan for information and their PO box I figured what the heck Using. The language of hated it I identify myself basically as white supremacists who. Were to affect the white 'cause then I made a mistake assigned my real. Name. Brain, cramp God works yes yeah My name put it in the mail forgot. About. It About. A week or two later? I get? A phone. Call so. Did, you ever plan no plan no plan. God works yeah The plan didn't begin until? This phone. Call ended. When Local organizer water can meet me in a week and I basically described. The white officer? In. My book is in the movie he's nameless flip yeah I described him as me because he's about my height my way I even describe the type of clothes he would have on when they met because I knew how he generally came to work. And And, that's when I started thinking okay and this could possibly work it's an incredible. Story did you. Really. Trick David Duke into taking a picture with you if that happened that happened that's incredible I mean how is it exactly as depicted in the film I was spike has been a little more time

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