Tropical Storm Chris expected to strengthen to hurricane


Extremists several us senators including new jersey's cory booker addressed the crowd vowing to vote against kevin on dropbox storm chris is approaching the north carolina coast as it moves up the eastern seaboard as north carolina public radio's james morrison reports the storms top sustained winds near seventy miles per hour red flags are up north carolina beaches because of strong rip currents in high swells caused by chris stephen path of the national weather service says chris is expected to sit a couple of hundred miles off the north carolina coast for most of tuesday before heading north over the next couple of days it will pick up speed and can also potentially increase intensity is expected to continue its path through the mid atlantic and into new england by later this week it's not expected to make landfall or exceed a category one hurricane path says rip currents and dangerous waves are the biggest threat for npr news i'm james morrison and north carolina rescuers in northern thailand or monitoring weather conditions as another rescue operation gets underway as mike sullivan reports from chiang rai divers have saved eight of the thirteen people trapped in a cave for nearly three weeks the head of the rescue mission says all the boys taken out are safe and being looked after at the hospital he said it'll take rescuers another twenty hours to prepare to take the next batch out on tuesday replenishing oxygen tanks along the exit route out on the like but the rain many feared has now arrived which he said could create additional challenges that's michael sullivan reporting from chiang rai thailand you're listening to npr news neighboring countries france and belgium face off tuesday night in the semi finals of the world cup and saint petersburg and npr's eleanor beardsley reports at the president of france and the king of belgium plan to be in the stands for what is expected to be a tight match france and belgium shera border a language and a passion for comic strips the two countries also share a former world cup champion jerry lee played on the french team that won the world cup in nineteen ninety eight twenty years later he's on the coaching staff for the belgian team the build up to the france belgium matches been full of references to the two countries comic book traditions ten ten for belgium and asterix for france one french sunday paper devoted six pages to the franco belgian friendship and rivalry on its cover with an excerpt from an asterix comic book featuring a row between gallic and belgian chieftains eleanor beardsley npr news paris veteran hollywood actor.

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