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Trump slams Pfizer, other drug companies for raising prices, vows government response


This is great this is great this is jeff beck stand on it from his nineteen eighty nine now mrs before that he did with stevie ray on the fire in the oh i love it i love it jeff beck would piscopo the morning six twenty seven on am nine hundred seventy the answer was social security to frankie and i to get too much but there's they give something to the kids and i broke it all down i don't know how the government i know why the government is broke because they give the money away they just get the money and they and they also give money to the kids so i'm going sure eligible collect they give it to the children yes apparently so so when i say great now does that mean i pay less child support i'd say yeah sure i'll be getting that right able to keep some of the money no way no i like why now why would i wanna do that we might jack betty voice wwhy what i wanna do that rochester hey piscopo in the morning a lot going on at six twenty eight the good news is ball's stop stop nine people are doubt free from that flooded cape there's still going to that ten nine you know do you understand a miraculous is thank you what they have to they have to swim then they get to a point where they have to come out of the word they have one diver in front of them is a doctor behind yeah they get to a point where the diver is carrying the kids oxygen jack they got to a point where it's only fifteen inches what they have to get out of the water climb up a rock didn't get back down into i want to know that they stopped take the mask off and they get to that one i don't think so i think it's kind of we gotta keep moving to get out because it's a lengthy journey to get out of this cave i still wanna know why this coach why did you take these kids the matters are doing these these rescues are very quick to do they're going right labor intensive because they said it takes about twenty hours to get a four or five kids out so they're trying to get they were doing it forty nine rain my out so they're trying to push to get them all out today so we'll stay on that that's great keep us posted on that so there's what three more left in there yeah all right on the radio with the franken on the guys and this this is interesting i'm just checking on all the news for the president goes after pfizer and other over drug prices how see this this is what i like about this president he's accusing pfizer and others of raising drug prices for no reason alot the president tweeted today that his administration will respond he said the drug companies are taking advantage of the poor and others who are unable to defend themselves bingo and it's you know new jersey used to be the medicine chest all the pharmaceuticals but they've since moved out because no one wants to do business in new jersey anymore because of the high taxes for corporations now and for individuals but why don't they and why won't anybody listen to me when i say you should create generic drug production in the stressed areas when i see when i saw at some of the folks that i saw at the social security office yesterday just to see if something was was bogus with my social security going i'm looking around and i see the stress folks of the united states of america and we're more concerned with the illegal immigrants coming in that is the mantra of the progressive socialist can we help people out and the president's right at least going after drugs that are affordable in america and also to and also to all this the.

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Trump slams Pfizer, other drug companies for raising prices, vows government response

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