Cleveland Indians chalk up meltdown to bullpen miscommunication


The dirt bouncing away russell trying to go through the throw to third base it's going to score the game's first run yeah just like the t ball is thrown at around russell doubles takes third and home on a couple of giants errors victor carey td adds an rbi double those cubs tour twice in the seventh and hold on to beat the giants to nothing pat hughes six seventy to score the highlight call the winner jose keen tana this afternoon a to forty five the cubs take aim at the giants again with mike montgomery on the mound johnny cueto who was pushed back at the last minute is expected to start for the giants cup start today game and a half back of the division leading brewers kris bryant is expected to rejoin the cubs coming off the dl this afternoon could be in the lineup he went over to in a second rehab start for w tennessee off your bias and then kyle schwab are due to participate in the all star homerun derby monday night in dc the first place brewers take on miami again the night so the cubs this afternoon miami host the first place brewers tonight the white sox get battered by the cardinals fourteen tubes a two game thanks to charlie tilson single in the third and then the cardinals scored twelve straight ron's including dexter fowler grand slam to win big socks slide is at six and they'll take on the cards again that carlos were don against luke weaver what a finish for the cleveland indians losing seven four to cincinnati joey votto had to go ahead three run double with the reds pouring it almost seven runs with two outs in the ninth there was a cleveland bullpen mix up as indians manager terry francona wanted oliver perez to pitch but dan otero came out of the bullpen francona had requested and got ot otero allowed the winning hit roger federer is up two games two sets to one tied three three in the fourth so fed trying to hold on the lead defeat kevin anderson novak djokovic is up two sets to one point away from victory i had five games to three in the fourth set against caney chakari rafael nidal and john is neurons separate action later one o'clock start england croatia fire philly in town.

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