Thousands remain without water and power following deadly flooding in Japan


One oh six nine am seven forty kcbs monday afternoon july ninth two thousand eighteen coming up on kcbs why the do not call lists isn't helping to solve a new robocall epidemic how japan is dealing with rainfall the likes of which that country has never seen before and president trump is getting ready to announce his second supreme court justice about an hour and a half from now you will hear it live right here on kcbs also had sports at forty five with kevin durant will have more financial news with jason brooks at fiftyfive good afternoon for jeff bell i'm larry sharoni i'm patty rising kcbs news time for thirty one now the latest from cbs news cbs news update president trump said all of his four finalists for the supreme court or excellent but he'll announce which one each in less than two hours a new justice could move the ideological balance of the court farther to the right senate democratic leader chuck schumer america is on tenterhooks so worried about any choice from this list majority leader mitch mcconnell who plans a vote on the nominee in the fall expects a fight every water republican president nominated for the supreme court has some kind of threat to the republic the finalists are all appeals court judges but cbs's jan crawford says brett cavenaugh seems to have had an inside track kevin is getting pushback from some social conservatives because they worry he's not conservative enough on the question of abortion but from the beginning kevin has been the top contender cbs news update i'm pam coulter kcbs news time four thirty two devastation in western japan after torrential rainfall was caused massive flooding and landslides more than one hundred people are dead with dozens of others missing for the latest on the situation there were joined live on the kcbs ring central newsline by kenmore sego is associated press news director for japan and the korea's can thank you very much for talking to us this afternoon i tell us a little bit more about the flooding books flooding and landslides so this is quite a devastating disaster so much rain that riverbanks overflowed and has a huge embankments allow gets rivers to try to prevent this kind of disaster from happening but in this case that was just so much rain water that accumulated back in places that they slowed and other places the back but breaks in the water water so committee back there sets a level that says this back with breaks completely of the river disclosed out into obscurity can we're hearing that the weather now is changed to a heatwave how will that bring new problems what will you see well there's a really concerned because it is summertime in becoming summertime in japan rapidly it's hot and humid and we still have a lot of smoothies or households without water service about power so of course there's air conditioning issues there's there's drinking water issues they do have obviously have water stations out there people distributing water and so forth but they're definitely issued warnings about kids stroke heat exhaustion and just to do whatever you can to protect yourself against the heat what is it gonna take to to clean it up a is there just so much mud of that there are certain towns or neighborhoods that are still buried in it yeah yeah i fix the water has receded in most places and there's still a some water and some some streets and that kind of thing but let's add in places water up to the first even above the first story of buildings went into toibin came out and so a lot of damage inside a lot of debris inside of you know whether it's trees and branches and dirt and mud kind of thing happened in japan some time this was much worse than than usual and they take weeks months to really cleaned up and then get back on your feet again we understand thousands have been evacuated from their homes can how longer do you think they'll be out of those homes and what's it gonna cost and how's that going to be taken care of well it really depends on the home of the and some homes that are probably some of the photographs of some components were totally destroyed they were toppled berry and and people like that.

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