Haiti: Travel Advisory Remains Level 4 - Do Not Travel


The us state department has issued a strong travel advisory for haiti countries now on the do not travel list as there's growing unrest there as it is americans already in haiti are being warned to stay inside is violent demonstrations apparently you're breaking on the island nation some church groups there on missions by the way are stuck there at this point protestors have been demonstrating against a sharp rise in fuel prices ordered by the government the increase has since been suspended after protests turned deadly they're about one hundred and twenty americans were among those trapped in a hotel in the building the capital of portauprince after protesters tried to set it on fire and storm the building police were able to keep the demonstrators out of that hotel the us embassy told americans on the island to not attempt to travel a drive through road blocks and to avoid any large gathering so the us state department says it is not safe to travel to haiti before president trump announced his nomination for the next supreme court justice new york's governor was taking preemptive action to protect abortion rights in his state here's fox's jill nato democratic governor andrew cuomo signed an executive order to protect abortion and contraceptive coverage in new york he announced it soon before president trump announced to he wants to see head to the supreme court cuomo's predicting the president's going to use the high court to an legal abortions mark my words they are more willing to roll back roe v wade that is going to be the next move by this president cuomo issued his order saying it's to protect a woman's right to choose so that no insurance company can deny it and no federal agency can deny it president trump's been looking to end abortion since he was on the campaign trail chill nato fox news now eighteen after six o'clock joining us now from fox news is telling you jd power is because today is the deadline or it was for the trump administration to reunite separated immigrant children under five with their parents but it looks as though the cans been kicked down the road a little bit there my friend yeah the well you've got a government lawyer that said you know fifty four kids under the age of five would actually be able to join their parents by that deadline that's only about half of the ones that are are under that order you've got the you know all kinds of legal wrangling a federal judge yesterday rejected the government's efforts to actually keep the immigrant families in the long term facilities discharge basically said no on pretty much everything the government the doj brought and before her she said the government did not present new evidence that would support revising that court order that that actually limits the amount of time you can detain kids who cross the border illegally so had they set a new deadline yes they said a new deadline she ruled that the children can't be longer than twenty days doj disagrees with us okay johnny carson fox news.

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