Multivitamin-mineral supplements do not reduce heart disease, deaths


Three zero w beautiful morning partly cloudy skies in seventy right now big stories in the news this morning one is the cape rescue that is once again underway at this hour another live update coming up also last night's announcement by president trump brad kavanagh is his pick for the supreme court the fiftythreeyearold a solidly conservative politically connected judge was once a law clerk for the retiring justice anthony kennedy plenty of reaction to that throughout the morning one of our guests here in the morning news at about seven twenty tom emmer the republican congressman from here in minnesota we'll get his thoughts on it end throughout the day we'll obviously get reaction from folks like that and from you as well here at eight thrill wctc others a new analysis this morning of eighteen different studies and what it finds is that multivitamins do not help in preventing heart disease or heart attacks research published in the journal circulation looked at data involving more than two million participants with an average twelve years of follow up the team found no association between taking multi vitamin and mineral supplements and a lower risk of death from cardiac diseases as many as thirty percents of americans use such supplements but the american heart association says eating a healthy diet with more fruits and vegetables is the best way to have a healthy heart alison keys cbs news.

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