What Is ‘Hot Water Challenge’? Internet Trend Leaves Teen With Second-Degree Burns


See all these great deals and then you like oh I've been. With you for ten years I'd like that deal and like now You for being, a, loyal customer so we're going to we're. Going to talk about. What eight minutes To he's a he's an associate professor. Assistant, professor at the college of Saint, rose and communications, he was the longtime? News director channel thirteen Paul you're? Got talk about the charter the? Charter issue what's likely to happen? Will your cable service, be affected when might this thing be resolved There's a story out of Schenectady that I I, don't even know if you could. Consider it a hate crime but it looks like somebody with issues scribbled a bunch of weird graffiti on a bakery the the new Mount Pleasant bakery at. Crane street main avenue in Schenectady here looking at to whether it might be, a hate crime, they aren't sure at this point so the pictures make it appear as if it was like a sharpie or something that someone took to the big picture window and wrote all over it very strange conspiracy theory about NASA kill JFK or stolen land governor Cuomo white racist US military but they do have surveillance. Cameras on that block and, they, will be looking at that to, identify the person who left the graffiti it's not really sure what they Rafter. Who they were targeting or what they, were. Trying, to say was this sort of, rambling strange kind, of words Egypt to? Overthrow US government this is the? The owner Joe Joseph freon r. I don't know. Because maybe the thing because, it's, a Jewish bakery I don't, know no idea why I don't I didn't. See anything anti semitic so, I'm, not really sure. If it was he was targeted or say nice big glass. Window let's right on the could. Be just as simple as that so it's gonna not police investigating In tunnel says that he will be opening today so good for him you know, we talked yesterday about I can't remember the. Word the psychologist us but, Trump derangement syndrome just again people on things -iety disorder that's it right and they're considering an actual condition but just quickly people. Were, gathering at Trump's star on. The Hollywood walk of fame again another fight. Second fight in as many days can't we. Just I mean can we. Just can. We can, we just have a point of view pro or con without getting, into a fight about, it no apparently not. Too sad commentary one other quick thing in this is, not this goes beyond. Your back in my, day we would never do anything so stupid you know I'm sure we all dumb things when we were fifteen years old but nothing like this the, newest viral challenge Kelly, is something I think it's a kin to, assault the hot water challenge it can live. People disfigured this does these online, challenges have gotten to the point where they're. So crazy used to be, the, cinnamon challenge where. You try us follow us a tablespoon of cinnamon and then. People end up coughing and some People are aspirated the. Cinnamon and, then there's like the, hot sauce challenge we we, did that back, in high school kid. Derek had to drink some hot sauce. Who generally stuff? For the most part not awful, now it's morphed into dangerous things yesterday we were talking about this Allen's where kids are, people jumping outside the car while they put. It in neutral and it, rolls down the street while they dance next to the car and they're falling and they're being hit by cars or hit by. The, car door and people are. Recording them all this happens now there's the. Hot water challenge where it's a prank where. You you pour hot water. On a. Sleeping friend, and record their reaction but what's happening is these kids are using, boiling water unbelievable there's, a fifteen year old. In Indiana seriously hurt still in the hospital while he, was sleeping offend reportedly. Dumped boiling water on, a second degree burns to his neck back chest and face and they're either I know there was a twelve year old girl there's eleven year old, girl in New York, who had burns to the face and chest A. Twelve year old reportedly dumped water. On another person it's I just don't know even if you're a knucklehead fifteen-year-old dumping boiling water and someone is seems, like a good idea ladling water I mean that's kind of basic science you don't have to have an advanced degree to figure out boiling water equals burns, so doctors say obviously you can get permanent. Disfigurement damage the airway this now I haven't been able to find, anything on this Indianapolis case.

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