Australian bishop convicted of sex abuse cover-up resigns


NewsRadio ten thirty house lawmakers on beacon hill will vote today on a Bill that, could tax Airbnb the same as. Hotels and motels, the compromised Bill which will include, a seventeen point five percent tax on short, term rental units and we'll add an additional six to nine percent. Of local taxes, if it's approved the Bill would make Massachusetts the first state to maintain a central registry on short term rentals and would go into effect in January of. Two thousand nineteen the. Pope was accepted the resignation of an Australian archbishop who is convicted of covering up child sex abuse by a, priest from. Sydney Adelaide's archbishop Philip Wilson's resignation comes after he was convicted in may of. Failing to report the repeated abuse, of two Altar boys by priests Jim Fletcher back in the nineteen seventies Wilson faces up to two years behind bars TCI surveillance program is once again coming under. Scrutiny after the globe reports. That the program tracks information about Americans. Who are not suspected of any crime we get details from WBZ's Ben Parker other program dubbed quiet skies the Transportation Security Administration. Has been keeping tabs, on American citizens who are not under, investigation by any agency or on any terror watch list CBS news Transportation Safety analyst and former NTSB chairman Mark Rosenberg, explains the goal of the program was an in kind of a program to look not only for terrorists but for people that potentially, could disrupt the flight and do other things that not necessarily related care first reported by the Boston Globe the program which is existed since two. Thousand ten uses air marshals to monitor such things as whether. Passengers fidget. Use a, computer and other behaviors Ben Parker WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty still to, come this, morning the president once again tweeting about the news media will share the Details.

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