California museum can keep Cranachs looted by Nazis: U.S. appeals court


For. Sure if he's a doctor but he helps us out that's. All we know, that was son Judah we had that sound that must have been an awkward conversation it was Harriet. But this is actually frighteningly common, around half the people claiming to be doctors in India are fake they have. No medical qualifications whatsoever but I've been speaking to the real doctor who's been offering. Thousands of them crash courses in medicine is medicine really something you can. Teach with the crash course that's what I've been trying to find out is a very. Controversial idea crash courses in. Medicine than fake doctors that's coming up a, world hacks. After the knees Hello this is David Austin with the BBC. News intelligence officials in the United States say spy satellites have detected renewed activity at a. North Korean, factory which has in the past produced intercontinental ballistic missiles the reports come just over a month after President Trump said, North Korea no longer posed. A threat following his meeting with the country's. Leader from so here's Laura bicker Steinle satellite images and the. BBC has spoken, to one of the companies analyzing this they say it appears to show vehicles moving in and out. At the site does this break, the words that Kim Jong in made to Donald Trump in Singapore Kim Jong. Il has always said that he would not text another missile he's never said anything. About stopping any building or activity with regards to building nuclear missiles and. Indeed this is a number of US intelligence reports which suggest that North Korea is continuing With its weapons. Program counting has continued overnight in Zimbabwe following Monday's election Zanu PF and the opposition MDC alliance have both been predicting. Victory on social media Andrew Harding is in Harare an election officials have, only confirmed a high turnout. Here in Zimbabwe but on social media the. Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and his supporters already declaring victory in contrast Zanu PF officials are insisting that early. Indications from, polling stations around the country showed their party is on track to. Retain power foreign observers said the voting process was peaceful and by-in-large orderly whoever wins, a credible election will go a long way to restoring Zimbabwe's international reputation. I'm lacking foreign investment and debt relief for an impoverished country president Emmerson Mnangagwa said he. Was receiving, extremely positive information on the vote Chinese investigators say a state-owned pharmaceutical company which produce Used sub-standard infant vaccines did so by accident Celia Hatton has the details in a. Brief report China's, state Drug administration blamed faulty equipment used at the Wuhan institute of biological products in. Central China at unevenly distributed. Ingredients in more than four hundred thousand vaccines made last November which, were meant to protect, against a theory tetanus and whooping cough and another case involving. Sub-standard infant, vaccines eighteen people have been arrested at Chang-shang pharmaceutical and private company in eastern China they were accused of falsifying data to bypass. Regulatory scrutiny rescue is in Indonesia have airlifted the last of. More than five hundred stranded hikers of a mountain on the island of Lombok where. They'd been trapped by rockfalls triggered by an earthquake rescue team. Is now waiting with the body of an Indonesian climber who was killed. By a, falling rock world news from the BBC A court in Indonesia has ordered the banning of the country's largest Islamist group Jamaa unsure dollar to finding it guilty of carrying it acts of terrorism and being, linked to the Islamic state group last. Month the group's leader amount of Dirac man was sentenced to. Death for terrorism, Afghan officials say a roadside bomb has destroyed a passenger. Bus in the west, of the country killing at least eleven people and wounding forty others a spokesman for the governor of Farah province had the bus was travelling from harassed to Kabul. When it struck an improvised explosive device he blamed the attack on the Taliban earlier a suicide bomber killed candidate in October's parliamentary elections The former Congolese vice president and ex warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba. Has said he intends to stand for the presidency in elections do this December but will accept the result if, he loses, bender told the BBC that so long as the election was fair he would abide by the result rather than taking up arms as you did before if it is a transparent yes of course election transparent the result there we all respected this story of again. Is over for any fight is through the the voter now that's what. We want, to achieve Mr. Bemba plans to return to the DRC this week from Belgium after, a decade in jail following the quashing of his conviction for war crimes by the international criminal court the US court has ruled that the museum in California can keep to sixteenth century. Masterpieces by the German painter Lucas Curnow the, elder which were looted by the Nazis during the Second World War the life sized panels depicting. Adam and eve had been taken in a forced sale from Jewish art dealer who died shortly afterwards while fleeing, the Netherlands they eventually purchased by the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena BBC news In a village outside of Kolkata. In India there's a tiny concrete building where people go to. Get help well that I'm. A numb, I mean my name is the. Village Dr But here's. The thing Goten isn't a. Doctor at, all he has no medical qualifications He's what some people might call a quack Goten. Above your door it, says, doctor, you've. Got the title doctor. That's actually illegal on you misleading. Your patients hey Johnny mama I know it's illegal and I'm reluctant to do but. If I didn't, call myself Dr the villagers wouldn't, understand what I do. Some people think he's a criminal, he poses a danger to his patience and needs to. Be stopped but this man a real doctor has another idea and it's very controversial so. These people you ask. Me I don't think they are blah, FAS, and they're cheaters they're not, on very clear. In that this are primarily. Ended up aerial informal healthcare workers we call them wildflowers so we've. Taught give, you, tell them hey to give you some education this might work so that. Was, a, beginning Well Hello and welcome to.

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