Veterans making money streaming


I believe that veterans are the key to unlock in America's next golden age. By empowering an influence in one million veterans transition well and become leaders in their communities. We can unlock our country's destiny and continued to change the world. My name is Bernard Berg. Dylan. Thank you again for being on the show and watching into an area that veterans right now are not represented enough. So gone just right off the bat. Tell us a little bit about yourself, share your vision for gaming streaming and just tell us how So any streamer you come across, you can follow just by hitting, there's a little heart button of an atop right above where they're streaming. That's just a follow button. It's free. It just basically shows your support shows that you enjoy them enough to sacrifice a little bit of your time with them. And the subscribe button furthers that the smallest dreamers that helps bring in a little bit of income ought to further their career in there with the bigger streamer is a lot of sub only mode with the chat, and so you can only talk in chat, you know, talk with the streamer if you're of subscriber. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's pretty clo-. Yeah. And a big thing you know is like a Boji is in all these guests unlocks a whole goes in Chad, so it just makes the whole community in the whole chat is fun in. So yeah, you can go to industry mors page, just hit the subscribe button or the follow button in

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