Michigan man hospitalized for rare cobra bite; officials scramble to find antivenom


J mart, zone, Jeff Schwartz's at, GAO, f f, Schwartz And, hashtag, animal thunderdome time, let's, do it Ladies and. Gentlemen boys and This piece pizza, chicken times Animal thunder All. Right boys what's your guy? For me Danny Michigan man hospitalized for a rare Cobra bite And. Officials have been scrambling to? Find it anti-venom any coincidence that Claes in Michigan I was about to say is that Michigan man's last name Travis and did he have a sort of failing, pants business medical officials rushed to find an anti venom for a pin conning township Michigan man who was bitten by his pet albino Cobra The family pet that turned on, him the twenty six year old man whose, name has not been released maybe Klay lied about his age he was bitten by this family. Serpent and just twenty minutes later he became nauseous and began began to vomit a symptom of. The Cobra's venom the albino Cobra which is native to China. Cambodia and India among other, places has one of the fast? Acting. Snake venoms in the world the man was rushed to a hospital in bay city later airlifted to the Detroit medical center after, the venom paralyses respiratory muscles causing him to stop breathing So there they were puzzled medical center officials reached out to the Toledo zoo at Ohio to try to get an anti venom then they went to. Three other cities to get anti. Venoms nothing worked but I have an update here Miami Dade County, came to the rescue they had they sent twenty miles of a unique anti-venom, medicine to the, Detroit medical center via a, commercial flight the vials were administered to the victim through an IV the same day they arrived. The man now remains of the Detroit hospital but officials say that thanks to Miami Dade County he's on his way to recovering from the rare venomous bite So this guy you said this Cobra was, his pet yes that's on him a hundred percent. You can't have a Cobra as a pet that's on you They said he got twenty eight total vials I doubt I doubt. Detroit is keeping keeping on hand Cobra anti-venom Yeah you probably should not have in Al Bino Cobra. As. A family pet shouldn't have a snake as a family pet correct Yeah shouldn't be allowed clay has taken a hard stance against snakes during the. Animal We all. Have, everybody on this. Show I think has just not a big fan of snow Co-host snakes either about three weeks ago. Was leaving my chiropractors office I felt this thing. Slither by me and you could have. Sworn it was going to be like a, giant crocodile I jumped. So high in. The air he was like a foot long gardener snake. Green little baby snakes I did not, I was, not having you get away from me buddy Dumont. Playing this game I don't snakes here's our conversation no there are. A couple of women in this life this earth. That are there ten snakes hot but. Not many that we're doing we're doing that, again that's a great. Topic which which. Which which ladies in this world are ten snakes hot None Just a couple of Danny come on quickly. Boys this is a dog. Story we don't get many of these on animal thunderdome Wehner. Dogs You know a Missouri. Sheriff's deputy was rushed to a hospital and underwent surgery last Tuesday after he. Was attacked by a dog while serving a sim civil summons no, one answered the door at. The residents of the Jefferson County. Sheriff's department deputy notice there was, a side door that was partly opened FOX two of Saint. Louis, reported. So the deputy approaches the door the dog emerges. From the rare the house. In attack the deputy died latching onto his face oh jeez Now we know deputies their jobs are hard enough as. It is this dog bit into the deputies left. Arm as, well he was able to reach his weapon shot the dog once. In that enabled him to free himself the department posted an image to Facebook showing. The deputies blood-soaked uniform and bulletproof vests the homeowner told police that the the. Dog was a pit bull according to the St Louis post dispatch, the animal is expected to. Survive from the gunshot but animal. Control officials will decide what happens, now to the dog I think we all know what's going. To, happen Bye bye Dog is. Definitely. Done The crazy part about the strap, not seen this story but, I guarantee on Twitter people are pushing the officer for using his web, dog that attacked him even though I'm sorry if a. Dog, latching onto your no I'm we agree that he. Did the right thing We There, people there are people on this, earth the value the life of a pet over life of. Human, absolutely. Right no question about. That I think we got a. Minute here's another snake story quickly residents in Pennsylvania town in east, Greenville being warned to keep an eye out for a run. Away boa constrictor that has been missing for, weeks seven foot snake named Vinny sounds like a guy you call an eight hundred number to get gambling tips from reported missing in the. Town although investigators said they quote considered the matter closed after determining, that the reptile hasn't been seen in about four weeks on, quote They closed the matter Slither around these slow around take down. A dog pretty soon the final he's all he. Did was lie low. For the investigation, down the owner says there's a chance ten year old snake is hiding, somewhere in his house but locals are still being urged way how can keep an eye. Out for the snake how big is the house where you can't find a seven foot? Snake in your house That's a really good point Clayton In the house and I could find a. Seven foot snake in my house how about? A seven foot snake. Named Vinny that's a boa. Constrictor For your free. MAC football season coming up I, feel like there's a joke that..

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