American Cyclists Killed by ISIS In Tajikistan


Campaign chairman. Gets ready to go on trial President Trump tweeted moments ago collusion is not a crime but that doesn't matter he writes because there was no collusion except he. Claims by crooked Hillary and the Democrats ISIS is taking responsibility for an attack in Asia that killed four tourists two of them Americans Pelisson Tajijistan say. The full tourists were killed on Saturday when a car ploughed into them as they cycled. Along a rural road the US embassy says the attackers then got out of the, car and stabbed their victims it's the first. Known attack. Of its kind against west and tourists, into gca STAN an ex-soviet state to the north of. Afghanistan ISIS claims a. Group of, its members. Were responsible but the Tajik government is blaming a banned Islamist party that party. Denies involvement Simon Owen Fox News the CEO at CBS less Munoz remains on the job Amid. Sexual misconduct allegations published in the New, Yorker magazine CBS is going to hire. An outside counsel. To conduct, an independent investigation in Hollywood director fired over old tweets is getting support from the cast of his big. Movie Utara cast at the, Disney marvel film guardians. Of the galaxy signed an open letter of support for director James gone who Disney fired after guns all tweets with jokes about rape and pedophilia surface Chris Pratt. And the cast wrote we fully support James Gunn we were all shocked by his abrupt firing last week and have intentionally waited these ten days to. Respond in order to think pray listen and discuss the cast made it a point to. State they are not here to defend his jokes but to speak on the experience, they have of him adding we hope Americans. From across. The political spectrum can ease up on, the character assassinations and stop weaponising mob mentality Michelle Pollino. Fox News on Wall. Street stock, futures up. Slightly before today's trading I'm Dave Anthony FOX News Radio The official cause of death of the Lewis on the late Schumer good morning I'm Jacqueline Scott and the Katie okay new center and this is Oklahoma's first news topping out in the eighties again today our forecast is coming up the Oklahoma state medical examiners office on Monday released its findings related to the death of twenty eight. Year old Alexander Tillman authorities say he, shot and wounded a woman and girl at the. Lewis on, the leg bar and. Grill in Oklahoma City investigators. Say Tillman was shot outside the restaurant by two armed civilians the EMMY says he died of multiple gunshot wounds he was killed, when, two, good Samaritans shot him, after demanding you drop his firearm. And Tillman refused a body was found Monday, inside a burning home near Luther firefighters from the hickory hills. Fire department responded to the fire and discovered the body while extinguishing the blaze the Oklahoma county sheriff's office says. Authorities developed information that led them to, believe the person's death was a homicide. The victims female, roommate was, stopped And taken into custody near Gainsville Texas about three weeks ago in Oklahoma City man was. Killed when his, house burned firefighters are trying to. Lessen the chances of.

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