To keep women out, Tokyo Medical University manipulated entrance exam


Japan's biggest daily newspaper says it's on covered evidence at one of the country's oldest medical schools has been systematically lowering the exam scores of female applicants nortre to restrict the number of women students, shooting two the Yomiuri Shimbun story starting in two thousand eleven officials at the Tokyo Medical University began cutting the test schools have female applicants so that the maximum number of women students at the school would not exceed. Thirty percent the paper quotes sources saying the university's administration felt that many female graduates did not go on to. Practice medicine and those the deed often quit after getting married and starting. A family the school made the move off to the number of successful female applicants suddenly jumped from around twenty percent to. Forty percent BBC's Rupert Wingfield Hayes reporting from Tokyo news ended alyssa's townhall dot com The Bank of England has raised its main interest, right for just a second time since the two thousand eight financial crisis the bank's monetary policy committee, has voted, to increase the rate by a quarter-point to zero point, seven, five percent despite growing concern about the lack of progress in Brexit talks economic figures have been mixed of late Machar's market is in good health with unemployment at its lowest. Rate since the nineteen seventies. And inflation is above the two percent target but growth has been weeks so far this year is people are not spending much in companies are worried about Brexit Britain in the EU have hardened. In their negotiating positions and businesses are preparing for the prospect, of Britain, leaving, the block, without a deal on a new trade relationship Jeremy house reporting online video show a writing and taking to the. Streets protesting the dramatic drop, of the country's currency and other economic problems video show dozens. Of demonstrators setting fire to beliefs vehicles and. Shouting death to the, dictator more of these stories at townhall dot com Happy fifty fifth anniversary.

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