Dallas sports anchor Dale Hansen blasts Jerry Jones


Life You guys really cares Deeply insulted if you hit them, with the prices right losing What every NFL team fire their coach for ballot check except the Bengals Eighty eight percent of the audience said yes Are you surprised that? The wire Cam hasn't interfere with, more Ninety one percent of the audience that yes is. Territory going to strong on Pereira out of the expert gig Eighty seven percent it's a great question eighty seven percent of the audience said yes is fifty dollars to, Disney, a single grain of sand from all. The beaches on earth combined eighty five percent of the audience said yes. Let's get to the Dale Hansen sound this is w. f. a. Jerry Jones is now not, doing interviews anymore the NFL. Has asked him to not do interviews anymore on the anthem issue and Dale Hansen an old timing cowboy reported this guy is a public critic and Don van Natta. Is telling you that no thorn in Jerry Jones's side feels quite like this one in the Dallas Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones had been talking this week about getting this football team ready to play in another Super. Bowl it has been twenty two years since they. Have and only three playoff wins in those twenty two years but Jones. Talks about that almost every year anyway and he has been talking too much this week about all the problem the NFL is still having off the field Jones to this Stephen were saying the other. Day that any player who takes Sydney and doesn't toe the line during the national anthem won't, be playing for the Dallas. Cowboys anymore it's incredible to me that a player can beat up a woman and play for the Dallas Cowboys a player can use illegal drugs time and time again. And still play but you take it need to protest the racial injustice in America and now you've crossed. The line that he will not allow Jones loves and respects the national anthem so much the when it. Was being played before the start of practice Saturday. He left his cap on and when he was told about the mistake. He was making he still left this capital He who makes the rules apparently, doesn't have to..

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