Scaramucci says trade war, bad


A four point seven five billion dollar venture with longtime industrial partner embraer a move that will bolster its arsenal in the newest battlefront with airbus and that is the market for smaller jetliners boeing shares up today by one tenth of one percent stocks returned from holiday break with a strong advance led by technology shares even as markets prepare for tomorrow's jobs report and the implementation of fresh tariffs tonight between the us and china s and p five hundred index best day in more than a month of twenty three points up by nine tenths of one percent the dow up one hundred eighty two points up about eight tenths of one percent nasdaq up eighty four pop one point one percent and that's a bloomberg business flash bloomberg best through june grasso and ed baxter vinci a trade war will be very bad for the american worker and for republicans going into the midterm elections that is the thought of former white house communications director anthony scaramucci he joined bloomberg's david westin discussed the trump administration's trade policies tell us about your views on the trade policy the white house because you've been pretty outspoken say you think they'd gone too far okay so listen it's not very clear it's not critical as much as it is a i like the direction of the policy because we've had it balances fifty or sixty years that has to be addressed what i'm questioning or the tactics because they betrayed initiating even a trade battle if you will i think it's going to be very worker former potentially bad for the republican party going into the election so there's a number of different tactics at the president could deploy now that can help achieve the goal all american businesses a great for all americans on concerned about the bellicosity the rhetoric and i'm concerned about putting other politicians in a spot where they can't do anything other than retaliate because they have to look to their various constituencies as well so so i'm hoping that under the surface here david there's a hardcore negotiations going on right now and hopefully it'll be forty eight or seventy two hours that we're going to a potential trade battles flash war the president taken on canada and mexico nafta also taken on europe at the same time what about those tactics of china is really the problem why not marshall all those people together to turn on china and deal with the other issues later well i said as much on twitter i said as much on actually writing a piece on this right now the the president be well served to go to our traditional allies who have same problem with china if you read any of the speeches many the trade representatives eu trade representative say the same issue with china the combined forces of the eu and the united states over a billion people at roughly forty six percent of the world cdp that would be a better topic oh that's a good example another another tactic is to resolve the situation i think the president is close up express last week of reluctance he decided to deal but he's there signing the deal with strengthen the stock market it would fortify our closest neighbours it would come down that system that rhetoric then he could switch gears at focus on china i think the end of the day even the chinese recognize that they've taken advantage of the system and the world trade organization to the world trade organization the country since the year two thousand there now the second largest economy and so they recognize it there has to be a ratchet put it place to to the position that they deserve today so thing that can happen the rhetoric causes a brief flex if you will reflect city on the part of other leaders so hard at the top level at twitter fair jerk reaction if they hit back even though that the president is right as it relates to the balances and so two very good course corrections in the last ten days one was the child separation policy was on lowering the flag as a result of the of the tragedy that took place with the people that were were killed fortunately and so he did adaptive guy he's an entrepreneur and i'm hoping he uses all the tools in his gearbox here shifted to the white ear where he could avoid a problem for the market economy data you watch the market every day and you don't wanna lose the psychological benefits the.

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