Firefighters make progress on Northern California wildfire


Now good morning six thirty with amanda garra i'm scott sam's this is the krld morning news thank you for being with us this morning mike rogers has the morning off top story at the bottom of the hour all those wildfires out west cbs news update at least sixty wildfires are now burning in the us most of them in the west firefighters in eagle county colorado are hoping thunderstorms and rain today will help douse flames that have burned more than one hundred homes forcing evacuations from more than two thousand others were scared right but we have our pets we ever kids we're going to lake christine fire has burned through nearly two and a half million acres since january wrecking actually the wind has been blowing all day rather strong largest of the wildfires is in northern california cbs's john blackstone is in yellow county fighting helicopters flew into thick smoke battling a massive wildfire that's burning more than eighty thousand acres in three rural counties west of sacramento nearly three thousand firefighters have been working around the clock lighting backfires building a containment lines in an effort to keep the flames at bay cbs news update i'm deborah rodriguez well crews are making progress in palo pinto kelaniya this morning but the wildfire there it's still getting bigger the texas forest service says the wildfire burning west of the town of palo pinto has now grown to forty five hundred acres crews have that fire forty percent contained they're building lines around the fire to protect homes and other buildings but they say hills and forests are making it tough to cut those lines several counties west of fort worth have declared local disasters to ban the use of fireworks alan sky on newsradio ten eighty six thirty two now woman who is being carjacked and south dallas overnight fought back she sent the carjacker to the hospital police officer to make kimbro says a man jumped into a car at the gas station long camp wisdom of you block your mind twenty she said the woman's children were sitting in the back seat is the man drove away from her about what the head causing the vehicle crashed into a telephone pole that man is now in the hospital the.

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