a study performed to show that stomach ulcers are not just caused by stress


In nineteen eighty. One doctor Marshall was in his third year of an internal medicine fellowship. This is the additional training that doctors do after they earn their MD and finish the residency. If they want to specialize in something, he needed to start a new research project and have been working with Dr Robin Warren, the chief pathos Logist at Royal Perth Hospital for Dr Marshall was doing his internship. Doctor warns suggested he take a look at an odd pattern. He had seen fellow physicians would send in patients with particularly troublesome ulcers to see if maybe they had cancer or something. Each also patients had something in common. They all had an infestation of a particular bacteria living in their gut called helicobacter pylori Dr Marshall suspected that maybe the bacteria had something to do with developing Alzheimer's. So he cultured the 'Bacterial and started doing experiments. On civically. And so a couple of years and. And I had been trying to insect mice and rats Guinea pigs, and eventually did experiments on piglet, which grew the experiment because they'd be grew into full size. Pigs and experiment had to stop and found that pigs are incredibly resistant to conserve bacteria. When they're adults least anyway. So that was failing. The animal experiments were failing. He wasn't able to get the animals to pick up the infection at all, which made it impossible to see if it was related to Alzheimer's. What was worse? Medical community dismissed the idea that there was even a chance. The bacteria caused Alzheimer's. Presented this idea that bacteria could be cooling else's. Everybody would be skeptics, which is ninety percent, which site? Well, obviously people with also have got something wrong with this stomach. It's the also and there are dozens of things. We can find that a different role in in people with all ses. So we think that having an also much to these benign HAMAs bacteria, which is a common and so we really have to believe at the stage. So the question was which came to this, the teary or the also. Marshall was able to do a few small case studies where he would use antibiotics, which kill the helicopter to treat stomach ulcer patients and the kept getting better. But still he was struggling to get approval to do a full fledge study. So he decided to take matters into his own hands or really his own stomach. Dr. Marshall decided to purposely infect himself with the bacteria. To see if he developed stomach inflammation. The first step towards developing a stomach ulcer. I, he needed a baseline. So he asked his supervisor at the hospital to do an endoscopy on him where basically they take a picture of the inside of his stomach. Doing dos could feel me as a by slot and winnings putting the Scott down these berry. I'm not sure why you asked me to do this on. You. Don't want you to tell me so tell. Once he had his baseline Dr Marshall cultured a sample of the helicobacter bacteria from a patient who had stomach inflammation, then he had to get it into his own stomach. So naturally drank it. Br agreed up the bacteria on a couple of dishes. Put it into what is the soup, which which, which growth Tyrian two, but but a small victim bottle of gca the. And admit, I drank the bacteria. Dr. Marshall told me that originally he figured not much would happen right away. He thought he could monitor the bacteria and has gut for years. And if someday he eventually developed inflammation or an ulcer than he'd know his Hypo thesis was correct, but it only took five days. After five days, I started waking up early in the morning and every morning. Vomit should go wrong. At this point in our conversation, the TV crew arrives. I thank Dr Marshall and he said he tried to call me later that night from the airport while he waited to catch a redeye flight to Hong Kong, which was bright and early New York time. So I came into the officer early and made sure I had a better set of this time to get the rest of the story. At the point where he started to get sick. Dr. Marshall hadn't told anybody, even his wife that he was doing the self experiment. When he started to get sick, you realize he couldn't hide it any longer. So he fessed up told my watch. She picked out and said that. But she, she wasn't well. She'd had a car accident shit for children under what she was complaining about. Really the only two broken ribs anyway, then turned up looking a bit on wellness in great news, took the bacteria have been fiction. And of course, she said. So the worst possible time to have it anyway, she told me that I'd have to leave the house and stay somewhere else and let to eight ball things. But she said she got to be reprieved. She said, oh, well, if you experimental, choose nephew in dusk, the when you've done that, then you can take your any Baltics same type, but you must. So I had the more radium Puckett and soon as I had my final tests to see what had happened. I started taking them the industry show that he had developed both of bacterial infection and the telltale stomach inflammation. It was the best proof so far that the bacteria was the true cause of stomach ulcers. Not a byproduct or coincidence. These infections were causing people to develop uncomfortable, sometimes life threatening ulcers. And the whole time we've been acting like it was just stress

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