Angelina Jolie Gets New Divorce Lawyer Amid Brad Pitt Custody Battle


Let's talk about Angelina Jolie, in the big story from people today okay, that she is focused on healing her family and. She has split from her divorce attorney Laura Wasser that they have gone their separate ways it's been so fascinating to, see the. Sides in this split between Angelina and Brad. Pitt and who feeds which publications which stories so this. Is obviously coming from Angelina camp I sources saying. That she has transitioned to new council she's decided to change her counsel. To another attorney as this attorneys, expertise is the protection and best interest of the children so a spokesperson for Angelina says Angelina appreciates Laura Wasser cooperation in transitioning the case over the. Past several weeks Angelina decided to put this woman named Samantha in charge of, her case she put her in the lead. A month ago and over. The past month, the case has been fully transitioned? To

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