OU Football: Lane Kiffin may be flying coach these days, but he still has first-class goals at Florida Atlantic


Because this week At this very moment me in Can I don't even know if I'm allowed to say I'm going to be hosting next week because, it's not going. To be you. But we'll get we'll get there I will have a new famed co host here for best week ever and we will be discussing. Everything that happened on college football what is one? Thing? That we will be saying Dari what's the one thing that you'll be saying right now as you're listening to this show driving around doing your. Errands on, Sunday morning, next week one thing one thing one thing that you know. That you're like this. Happened yesterday I can't believe it what? Do we know next week already the pressure will mount immediately Jim harbaugh And. I don't I'm not on this. Michigan Mellon I yesterday show gave our playoff teams and I shared with, my well he, had Michigan As one. A his, and he had Washington is one. Of his he may be in trouble after next week frankly but he's on the Michigan wagon I've said I've said a, couple of times. Jim Harbaugh could be the national. Coach of the year or Jim Harbaugh could be fired at the end, of the year Feels like a year right and I think they're going. To go down there and I like shape. Patterson I'm really curious to see but that is an offense, that was, atrocious last year absolutely atrocious if they have trouble scoring I. Don't think Notre Dame necessarily Notre Dame will to Michigan's defense is really good but. You're going to put them at night in south bend

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