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The, Chilton auto body traffic desk because a lot of heavy traffic on southbound six eighty coming in from the Fairfield area this morning off of eighty all the way down to about industrial and benishi it is sluggish and then as you come up Benicia bridge southbound slows. Down to just before highway four where there is a crash blocking the right hand lane meantime. Westbound eighty is also quite slow in contra Costa county from willow all the way down to university in Berkeley in. If you're on the Nimitz southbound and we've had a number a, little issues, from eighth street into Fremont. That remains below the speed limit. As well northbound eighty-five watch out for delays in the south bay from Guadalupe Parkway up. To, the bottleneck they're just north of highway seventeen Bart major delays, into San Francisco back backup to west grand at the bay. Bridge and we are sponsored? By? The sausalito art festival Labor Day weekend unparalleled views art music food and drink come together at the sausalito, art Festival Labor Day weekend stunning art exhibits and music by George Clinton drive by.

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