Steam pipe blasts show dangers lurking under New York streets


Low Saturday night sixty six Sunday, partly sunny breezy with a. Shower or thunderstorm high eighty four Monday Partly sunny and humid with a shower thunderstorm around high eighty two mostly cloudy Tuesday and Wednesday with a. Shower thunderstorm possible each day high both Tuesday and. Wednesday in, the mid eighty s And right now we are at seventy degrees in, garden city seventy two and Benton and it's sixty three. In dairy and here in the city seventy degrees cloudy skies at central. Park WCBS CBS news time one twenty Thursday steam pipe explosion is exposing troubling reality. That New York's infrastructure is showing its age heavy CBS's Steve. Burns takes a look at the history of Manhattan steam. Pipe network and what other. Dangers may lie ahead right, around the same time Thomas Edison was, experimenting with trysofi Birdsall Holly was experimenting with water has an energy source, we have him. To thank for modern pressurized fire, hydrants but he soon found water in another form steam was good heating source, his ideas were brought down to New, York in the, United Bank building at Broadway and Wall Street was the first to, be connected to the city steam system in eighteen eighty two. The network grew, quickly as did the applications cheating but heating..

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