Pompeo, Haley step up pressure to support Trump's talks on North Korea


Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jack Speer secretary of state Mike Pompeo is solidly. Behind President Trump's offered to host Russian President Vladimir Putin in Washington later this year he was asked about it during a stop at the United Nations and. Various Michele Kelemen us more topics Trump and Putin talked about was how to resolve the conflict in Syria and help refugees return home, that's according, to secretary, Pompeo who says. He's happy that the two men will. Continue to meet it is incredibly valuable to the people of the United States of America the. President, Putin and President Trump continue, to engage in dialogue to resolve the difficult issues that are countries face between each. Other a very hopeful that that meeting will take place this fall Pompeo was in New York to update UN Security. Council members. On his diplomacy on North Korea he says he appreciates Russia's help on that Russia and China though are delaying US efforts to cut off oil deliveries to North Korea Michelle Kellerman NPR news the United Nations New York Times is reporting President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded phone conversations with. Then candidate Trump discussing a payment to former playboy model Karen McDougal woman claimed to have had a year-long affair with Trump in two thousand six times reports the FBI has the recording made two months before the election Trump's. Current lawyer Rudy Giuliani's reportedly confirmed the conversation took place but says the end no payment was made National Enquirer did reportedly pay McDougal one hundred fifty thousand dollars for. Her story but then never published it security forces of an Iranian-backed paramilitary group in Iraq of shot and killed a protester in. The south of Iraq as NPR's Jane raff reports the anti-government demonstrations are spreading to Baghdad police sources say security guard opened fire after some protesters threw bricks. And stones at the offices of the batter organization in the southern city of Denia better isn't around backed paramilitary force whose political wing, is one, of Iraq's, biggest parties demonstrations. Have been sweeping the so South. Of arrack for almost two weeks. Demanding jobs and basic government services in Baghdad security forces used, tear gas, to disperse about two thousand protesters raising the same demands witnesses say the demonstrators were. Threatening to storm bridge that leads to the green zone where the Iraqi government is based Jane Arraf. NPR news Erbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq minutes President. Trump continues to, depart from the usual protocol by criticising recent actions by the Federal Reserve head of the White House budget office says the president has a point office of management and, budget director Mick Mulvaney says President Trump is not trying to influence the decision making of the fed with this recent critiques but an interview with Fox News he said some economists are frustrated that the fed always begins. To apply the brakes just when the economy shows signs of picking up stocks closed modestly lower today the Dow down six points to twenty five thousand fifty eight the NASDAQ closed down five points. The s&p was, down two points you're listening to NPR and This is WNYC in New York I'm Sean Carlson. After environmental testing found as best does at the site of yesterday steam pipe. Explosion New York, City asking people who are near the scene to turn in the clothes they were wearing Neil, blitz on the corner of nineteenth. Street in, Broadway and he was heading to work when the blast happened he handed. In his clothing at a decontamination site today I'm not, even I, understand this, needs to be done but in the same sense it is. A little alarming but I understand. Things happen I love New York. I live in New York Maybe this is part of being..

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