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Well, I'm gonna try and you know, just learn as much as I can hear. I wrote my boy in jail like a month ago, he wrote back to me. Couldn't sounded like he was having better time. Yeah, it's fires like teaching guys how to get their GED's down here. I'm like working like I do public speaking. I was like, yeah, fuck, fuck a jail. AM in ios. I love you. Man. Like people forget about you and your locked up and shit, but I'm do mad. Good, like chilling like he, he just sounded mad like, okay, that's yeah. He's in there for seven years. I think told you about him. I, I don't know. But all I know is I'm not making seven years. Yeah. Having friends in jail is a little weird. Yeah, I don't know anyone in jail, dude. I grew up with this kid like we were like he was the first person I met when I moved to Westchester. Yeah. And now he's in jail. Let me let me ask you this. This is never good. When you say, what would you do? If one of your best friends like, what did you do like Frankie went to jail for like nothing violent, like tax evasion? What do you mean? What would I do? What would you do like in what regard? Like would you help them out? How am I going to help you not break you out? No, like ocean's eleven. When he comes home. Yeah, you look out former. Yeah, I think it depends on the crime. I couldn't. I if one of my best friends killed, a bunch of people went to jail for it. Oh, goodbye. I can't. I can't be scared. Can't terrified of you now like, yeah, loose cannon loose cannon..

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